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Diamond Supply Co.

My life as a blogger has led me to many new and exciting finds. Friends, films, and buys abound when you spend so much time jacked-in… and speaking of digital gems I have to mention Nicky Diamonds and Diamond Supply Co.

Nick Tershey AKA Nicky Diamonds is former skater turned multi-faceted-entrepreneur. With numerous companies, collaborations, and dollars under his belt the amount of research required to understand this mogul is extensive. Luckily yours truly is here to break-down the nitty-gritty and get you ready for relevancy.

Nicky Diamonds is a former skater, who following his kick-push career, created a successful bolt & bearings line for avid and fashionable skaters. In addition to this parts company he co-founded ACE Skateboard Truck Mfg. with his brother Joey. However, Nicky’s most publicized venture to date is his clothing line.

Diamond Supply Co. was established 1998, and has been making some of the most unique silk-screen-tees for the last dozen years. In addition to diamond designed t-shirt Nick also has expanded into denim, sweat-tops, and jackets. Furthermore, he has taken his household label and teamed up with some of the biggest names in fashion and pop-culture. From DVS Shoes to Matix Headphones Nicky has worked with a variety of name-brand labels. From Wiz Khalifa to Diddy he has teamed up on projects with a plethora of stars.

However, no side venture is as honored as his work with Nike on the Low Pro SB – Tiffany Diamond. The most celebrated SB redesign, the “Tiffany Diamond” is the aforementioned Nike classic dressed in the trappings of Tiffany & Co. It’s beautiful, there are only 4000 pairs in existence, and I hope to have a set one day.

On the other hand, Nicky Diamonds greatest celeb-team-up has to be with Curren$y on their “Diamond Lifers” clothing line. I recently informed you all about Curren$y, DD172, and JETS. If you’re interested in further investing in this creative culture you have to get yourself something stamped with “Diamond Lifers.” This exclusively online clothing venture releases via Nicky’s twitter account, and sells out within minutes. You’ve got to be by your phone and ready with your PayPal if you plan to play. The Blue and Green variations have already sold out, but I got my fingers crossed that I can still get my hands on a red tee. JETS Fool!

See some Diamond Supply Co, items herein:

CURREN$Y + STALLEY: ADDRESS from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Curren$y – Audio Dope 2 from Creative Control on Vimeo.


  • Anonymous

    Gotta cop me a shirt from these cats, shit is pretty hot!

    • Anonymous

      Yezzir! Especially that “Cassie” line. Get me one with her all nasty and another to stay “Diamond Lifers” classy and I’m gonna be fresh, fitted, and fly for summer.

  • Chris Elliott

    Great piece man! I’m so inspired with the designs I have for the Spring/Summer 2011 collection, and this just fuels the fire. So inspiring to see shit like this done properly. Holla back and good lookin!

    • Anonymous

      Glad to hear it and can’t wait to see it. We booming to become Diamond Supply Co./DD172/Peter Travers/ESPN Classics/and a heavy mix of more more more all rolled into one! DREAMLAND!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Wood/541180607 Adam Wood

    Packers Eagles

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Nelson-Kuhn-Villeneuve/591755322 Richard Nelson Kuhn-Villeneuve

    Didn’t know Diamond Supply Co. had such a deep history and had done that many collabs. I’ve seen them in skateshops for decades but never knew they were THAT big. Gunna pick me up a fitted or somethin for sure.

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