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For a man who has revealed virtually nothing about his life to the media, Decoded is practically a miracle. This part memoir/part lyrical guide allows avid Jay-Z fans to have a far more intimate look at the man and his musical process than what is usually offered in his songs.

The book goes into detail about Jay’s upbringing, his artistic integrity as a rapper, experiences in business, and enthralling tales of the music industry. True Jay-Z enthusiasts know how private he remains in his interviews with issues pertaining to his personal life. However in this book, he sheds his strict regiment of secrecy to discuss issues like his past as a drug dealer, his anxiety toward the dangers of a celebrity lifestyle and personal insecurities.

Some of Jay’s lyrics are clear as day, and others beg more reflection. For the latter, he has provided an in-depth lyrical breakdown for select songs. Among the catalog, his explanation behind the lyrics to “99 Problems” remains one of the most thought provoking.

You can pick up the book here for just $25.08. This would make a fabulous Christmas present for anyone who lives a Hard Knock Life.


  • Anonymous

    My boy came with the scoop and one of his best pieces! Well written and great Xmas gift idea. Love you lil bro!

  • Anonymous

    Definitely a good idea for fans… and that is all I’ll say. HAHAHAHA

    Much love Slime!

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