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Debate: Thick or Thin

Everyone that knows me, knows that I most definitely do not discriminate any female on this planet. I respect women, I love women, and I look up to women. All women. That being said, this debate isn’t so much about females, but more so about the way men view them.

It’s ignorant, foolish, immature and most importantly inaccurate, to call a woman with curves fat. However, enter any sports bar, construction site, stock trading floor or hockey arena, and 9 out of 10 boneheads will jump to the opportunity to make a slanderous remark about a female with curves. Now this offends me in a few ways. The first being, most of the men uttering these hurtful insults are overweight themselves! Secondly, (and any man with an ounce of honesty in his being will back me up on this) curves are sexy! As men, we are genetically dispositioned to seek out mates with healthy, child bearing frames. This doesn’t mean that we should be attracted to every girl over 400 pounds, but it is natural for men to appreciate a more curvaceous female body.

I like to think of it like this: Women are soft. Men are hard. If I were attracted to a hard, slim, athletic body, I would focus my attention more towards Mathew Maconahay. But I’m not. I’m attracted to a soft, curvy body. So I chose to focus my attention towards Kim Kardashian, Vivica A Fox, Jennifer Lopez, and the list goes on…and on.

Disclaimer: I have love for slim girls! I think that slender women have an enormous amount of sex appeal, and that they possess something special as well. I just prefer the girls from the Mix-A lot Video!

I realize that this is just one opinion, so I welcome you to share yours! Which is it fellas? Thick or Thin?


  • Jon Godfrey

    I dig the piece, but I’m not burying myself but offering an opinion… HAHAHA!!! Nonetheless, I love the confidence and honesty which sweat through this piece. Women are amazing and inspirational. To that fact there is no question.

    • Brian

      No comment from the peanut gallery?!?! Silenced!?! HA! Who knew a little bit of controversy could go such a long way! I find myself sitting on the opposite side of the spectrum. Like Chris, I can appreciate a womens’ beauty in all her forms, but find i’m more attracted to a slender more athletic build.

      On another note I find pregnant women to be the most beautiful, not in a sexy kind of beautiful, but almost like they have this peaceful energy about them, They kind of seem to glow. It reminds me a bit of those elves that Frodo Baggins meets in the Lord of the rings.

  • John Gerontzos

    Man, these young cats is CRAZY! That’s all i gotta say!

  • Joe Bonsu


    Like Jon, I love women! Personally, I’d rather have a girl that has some good meat on her bones instead of the slender/skinny type. A good percentage of sexiest women in Toronto (or the world even are naturally curvy. Anyhow, women are women..ya heard.. :D

  • sabrina

    lol the mix-a lot link was a good one!

  • Real Woman

    I appreciate Jon Godfrey’s comment that “women are amazing and inspirational” and hope that he’s referring to womens’ brains and inner beauty, not just their booties and boobs.

    Chris’ post unfortunately perpetuates the stereotype of women as soulless bodies and fails to recognize us as living, breathing, thinking human beings who contribute in all realms of society, not just as sex objects.

    As a woman (who happens to be curvaceous), I am offended but not surprised by this discussion, and I’m confident that other real women out there feel the same.

    • Jon.Godfrey

      I do appreciate women for all aspects of who they are and what attributes to that self-same fact. I love many women for many reasons, and I know Chris does too. I love them so much in fact that if you read my blogs you’ll see that is evident.

      Chris means no harm though, like any man, any human being, we do love certain things about the physical aspects of the sex we enjoy. I know he is just stating what in particular he does like.

      Thanks for commenting though, I love love love when people do :) :) :)

  • Real Woman

    P.S. What kind of blog requires moderation? Not a real blog.

    • Brian

      We moderate all of our comments for spam only… I think you may have missed the point of what Chris is saying. No where in his article did he say women are “sex objects and are soulless bodies”… you were the one who stated that… so who is perpetuating the stereotype? yourself or Chris?

      Chris simply asked a question… “what do you prefer, what are you most attracted to”… Women who have a toned, thin build, or women who have a very curvy hour glass shape… I could ask you the same question about men, that is if you are interested in men… Do you like muscular, built men, or do you like men that are heavier set? It’s just a matter of opinion.

    • Chris

      First of all “Real Woman” I would like to thank you for reading our blog. We work very hard on our material and greatly appreciate our followers.

      Secondly, if this piece was meant to address the soul, intellect, and psyche of women, I would have had a whole other host of compliments to put forth. As I mentioned in my piece “I respect women, I love women, and I look up to women”. I completely stand by that statement. If I offended you, or any women, I’m truly sorry. For that was NOT my intent.

      Thanks for reading!

  • John Gerontzos

    I think as a married man I can confidently say that my ‘ideal’ woman is the one I married. I have learned to get past many physically attributes and learned more about the mentally aspects of a woman.
    While my wife is one of the most beautifully women in the world I married her for what was/is inside as much as for what was outside.

    Once men AND WOMEN get past JUST the physical aspect of relationshsips (although you need to be attracted to that person or what is the point) then people will be happier.

    If I’m wrong then why don’t hot movie stars and musicians relationships last? The brain is my favorite body-part of a woman.

  • Christi Campbell

    i LOVE this chris! kinda nice to see curves win for once

  • Victory Adams

    Um, I like my hard body. I like that I have a hard back and hard legs and hard shoulders and rock solid arms. My ass is curvy but my abs are hard. So now what? When I walk into a room, its mine. So I think that there isn’t really a thick vs thin. Everyone is more than that. Everyone is an aura, a presence, a spectacle to behold – and thats what makes them attractive. You can’t just base it on an either or, looking through the photos of a magazine. Its when you see someone and what they’re about that it becomes hard to ignore them.
    But if you are saying that women need to stop obsessing about that last five pounds – then thats a whole other blogpost altogether!

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