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David Versis

David Versis is one of the many reasons people need to pay closer attention to Toronto’s Rap scene. Recently I was introduced to his music by my friend Julian. He told me “You have to check this guy out, he’s next”. Whenever anyone says this to me, I am automatically inclined to raise a flag and start doubting. Despite this childish immaturity, I gave David a listen. Julian’s musical prowess rang true as usual and I was pleasantly surprised.

Being a rap artist myself, I can always respect someone who is truly dedicated to their craft. It takes time to make quality music and it’s very noticeable when an artist does just that. This could not be more evident in David’s recent work. His immaculately clean flow is complimented by an effortless ability to string thought provoking punchlines into his bars. Wordplay is definitely one of the mandatory qualities that a “new generation” rap artist must possess, and I must say – David has it. Much like (his strongest musical influence) Drake, David blends a smooth, crooner-like persona with an array of witty and intelligent lyrics. On top of his lyrical ability, he is also a skilled guitarist and one of his solo’s is featured on his song The Curse.

Please take a minute to get familiar with this man. I promise you will not be let down.

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Watch his newest music video for the promotion of his “Hate To Say It” mix-tape (coming soon) HERE


The Curse (Little Bastard)(produced by David Versis and J.Richards)

David Versis – The Curse

Be More Fresh

David Versis – Be More Fresh (B.M.F Freestyle)


  • Anonymous

    J Cole; Stalley; King Fantastic; Yelawolf; INFO; Wiz Khalifa; Just-In-Rhymes; Cyhi Da Prynce; Diggy Simmons; Big Sean; Mac Miller; CurrenSy; David Versis!!!We got that New-New right here folks!!! If you don’t know click our “Like” button and follow. Rap game is going crazy!!! Thanx for the new local find. This one is my favorite yet. HOLLA @ ME SLIME!

  • Joshua

    Dope post. This guy is too mean.

  • Chris Power

    I’ve met David. I can say with confidence that besides this man’s talent, hes a real cool dude too. I wouldn’t say he sounds like Drake though, he definitely has a style of his own. He offers more and that will separate him from others. Great post, want to hear more.

    • Chris Elliott

      Hey Chris,

      Thanks for the post. To clarify, the only reason I said his music was influenced by Drake is because there are a lot of similarities in his rhyme patterns and flow. This certainly isn’t a bad thing either. When someone listens to a lot of one particular genre, a similar style is subconsiously adopted without even realizing. David has definitely shown A LOT of diversity of his own, and that was crystal clear to me throughout his songs.

      Thanks again!

      • Anonymous

        Agreed… it’s that Toronto-Cadence!!!

        Patent that ish slime!!!

  • Anonymous

    Dreamland…home of that new new!

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        You want the new new on that rap game, that movie ish, that sports hotness and that fashion game? Holla @ ya boyz at Dreamland!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    hmmm not bad at all!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rayyan-Said/100000584811929 Rayyan Said

    Shit Chris, I found out about this guy on my own and when I googled his name for some more the first link that came up was this article right here. Seems I was late to the scene but better late than never. This guy is definitely fresh and has some clever made-me-smile-shake-my-head-and-replay-it lines. I’d agree that he has a flow kind of like Drake and I immediately thought of Drake when I heard him (Not sure if he’d take that as a compliment or not but I mean it that way) but as you said he definitely has a certain attitude in his songs that make them his.

    Vader Flow is a top notch track

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