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Datpiff: Where Mixtapes Happen

Lately I’ve indulged in the electronic. From old school icons like Daft Punk & Moby, to new kids on the block The Glitch Mob I’ve been enjoying their synthetic sounds. Hell, I’ve even added Crystal Castles, Avicii, and Is Tropical to my regular playlist! Diverse, expansive, and all unexpected additions. You see… since highschool I’ve been known as a rap recluse. And despite my adventures beyond my audio borders as of late I still heart hip-hop.

Since the days of The Source’s “Fat Tape” I’ve always had an affinity for the mixtape. Rappers like 50 Cent and Lil Wayne breathed new life into the discipline at the turn of the century, but as this decade dawned the art evolved digitally. Free music, good free music, is expected from fans. And while out-of-touch artists struggle to accept this, those on their grind are posting gold on datpiff.com.

Datpiff is well known to online junkies like me. However, if you haven’t heard of the service and love rap music let me give you a quick synopsis. Their homepage is divided into list-like segments. Users can either utilize key-word searches or look through mixtapes organized under titles such as “Top of the Month,” and “Today’s Top 8.” Successful tapes are provided with pixilated trophies (Bronze = 25K downloads; Silver = 50K Downloads; Gold = 100K Downloads). Some content is exclusive to the site, and certain tapes are sponsored by artists to ensure open source downloads. Otherwise membership is free and easy to establish, allowing all to enjoy extended access to the sites endless content.

...Don't Give A F**k

For those looking for some great sponsored mixtapes try:

DJ Drama & Young Jeezy: The Real Is Back (after a five year hiatus the duo that made each other famous are back together).

Tyler The Creator: Bastard (everyone still missing the void left by DMX… Tyler is this generation’s maniac with a microphone).

Sign up and download/stream and listen to:

Drake Presents O.V.O (an amazing collection dedicated to the blog, festival, and sound that is October’s Very Own)

OFWGTKA: Radical (this tape is mesmerizing and menacing. They’re called “Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All” and they’re bloody brilliant).

Enjoy ;)



  • Anonymous

    Definitely a cool site!  I will be checking this out for sure when I get a minute.

    BTW to compare some unsigned hype artist as “This generations DMX” is ballsy.  If this kid doesn’t go multi-platinum it’s on you!

    • Anonymous

      Well it isn’t an age of multi-platinum artists. At least not in the current world of hip-hop, and at least not yet. I believe with the new crop of competition will provide the breeding grounds necessary to increase the sales stats to the heights of the past. Artists like Drake, J.Cole, Big Sean, Curren$y, Mac MIller, Yelawolf, Vado, and Tyler the Creator will be foundational in building this new world.

      That said, I’m feeling the pressure now… LOL!

  • Chris Elliott

    Dat Piff has been doing their thing for sure. And I totally agree with you on the notion that certain artists just need to accept the power and necessity of the mixtape. I think that Drake pretty much started the “original music” mixtape. Mixtapes that are essentially made like and promoted similarily to LP albums. It’s a cool thing, and definitely where hip-hop is heading. 

    • Anonymous

      I never thought to include that point, but it is very valid. Without question Drake originated the “Original Music Mixtape.” I think the greatest examples of this in today’s markets are “Nostalgia Ultra” by Frank Ocean, and “House of Balloons” by The Weeknd.

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