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Dark Days & Bright Nights

Dark Days and Bright Nights, when my hours are odd I tend to enjoy them most. Lately I’ve enjoyed them all as my Race to 100 is almost complete. With one movie left I offer my final blog in my year end trilogy. First, I wrote of Romance and then balanced the scales with Action. To keep things consistent I’d like to talk today about Drama and Adventure.

I prefer my drama dark, for it tends to match my mood. 2011 offered a plethora of films that were bleak and black to my liking. Though the Tree of Life may have ended with sunshine it traversed through turmoil to get there. Malick’s ability to relay the sensitivities of life was touching to say the least. Then there was the more overt tragedy, Ides of March. Black as pitch the film went into corners only the vilest vermin go. Rats like Gosling’s character that disgusted me utterly. Then there was Gosling’s character that though disgusting triumphed as the anti-hero in Drive.


Darkest of them all was the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Adapted to the screen by David Fincher it is not a movie for the faint of heart. Rape, sodomy, and torture abound. The killers are serial; the detectives drowning in despair. The story is scattered, but easy to follow. The ending leaves you wanting more despite the depression it brings. It’s exactly what I’d been waiting to see all year.

That said, I’m not always wallowing in grief. No, I’m often a happy go lucky guy. When such nights spark I tend to take risks a see films that do the same. None took more than Sucker Punch. Though it was panned by the critics I saw it five times and was amazed at every outing. Then of course there was the conclusion of the Harry Potter series. Grim throughout, but it closed with a smile I still can’t wipe away. Lastly, there were my animated evenings with Evangelion 2.22. Whoever said cartoons are only for children haven’t seen this story.

However, the colors were brightest when I went to view The Adventures of Tintin. Herge’s boy in blue was renewed thanks to Steven Spielberg’s love for the Belgian comic. My father made me a fan of the same when I was a wee lad. Now a grown man I must admit that things have changed little. Sure the tale’s one only a child would find outstanding, but anyone could see that the visuals were so without question. Witnessing Tintin & Snowy battle the forces of evil was mesmerizing; a testament to the fact that motion capture animation and 3D effects are an asset to the industry.

Yet, what mattered most was the company… a color all its own. To those who’ve supported my quest God bless. Next year will lack the vigorous pace as I will be aiming to increase the quality instead. Stay tuned for more details, and thank you for reading My Life at the Movies.


  • Chris Elliott

    Nice piece homie. I absolutely loved TGWTDT. Probably the best movie I’ve seen since the Black Swan. As for Tin Tin, I would love to see this as well. As per our discussion, Mr Spielberg seemed to have especially stepped out with this one. Congrats on the great pursuit that was the race to 100. Holler!

    • Anonymous

      Ya, get ready for that fourth quarter wrap-up later this week wherein I discuss the 100th film and my future plans. Glad you enjoyed the year, you read every blog. The only person I can think of who has. You even came along for the ride a few times, you still have to write “The Sitter”! Anyways, much love slime. It all started here like The Goonies. At heart this project is still my favorite, for it is my first child. 

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