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Country Strong

Do you remember the “Paper Heart” blog? That girl I left long ago in the dust was superseded by another, in 2004, when I came home from Africa. Amy was her name, and she is a memory I’ll never forget.

Have you ever been with someone you feel you’ll never forget? Amy in many ways is one of those people. We briefly dated as teens in the late 90’s. Our first integral and memorable date was a movie, (go figure). Years past and in our early twenties we reconnected. It was an amazing relationship but it didn’t work. We were two broken people trying to fix each other, and knowing that we couldn’t we parted ways in hopes of healing on our own.

Broken hearts, split paths, misunderstandings, and love above all else; these themes exude through the pores of Screen Gems current release “Country Strong.” Furthermore, these were the very same things that sparked the above memories, and which will lead to my forlorn conclusion.

Country Strong plays out like the lyrics and tune of a classic down-home record. Gwyneth Paltrow shines in her role as a washed up and recovering star; seeking retribution through the applause of her fans; seeking forgiveness in the eyes of her love. Her honest and harrowing tale is underscored by the careers of two opposing talents who become star-crossed lovers. It’s a multi-layered love balled put to film and supported by one hell of a soundtrack. A little confusing, a little mangled, but a whole lot of country.

There is one line in the movie, above all others, that floored me completely: “Don’t be afraid to fall in love, it’s all that matters.”

This line begs me to ask another question: Have you ever been with someone you feel you’ll always love? There was that lonely girl on the porch, and Amy with whom I parted ways. Both girls I dated, romanced, but ultimately moved on from. Good memories and bad, first dates and final goodbyes neither were that love that became all that mattered. Trouble is… I’m worried there is one that will be but now I’ve lost.

Eyes that are now closed, lips I miss, and an ear that should have heard those words I couldn’t say. I’m sorry those words all came too late. That’s the realest shit I ever wrote in my life at the movies.


  • Anonymous

    WOW! great piece man, i’m speechless! Amazingly endearing!
    Also, thanks for the kind words on the film. We at Sony really love this film, think it’s a keeper, but a lot of media outlets have been hard on it. I personally don’t agree, and I’m gladf you don’t either!

    • Anonymous

      Honestly, thank you for the tickets. I was unsure of what to expect, but I absolutely loved it. It was such an emotional undertaking, which is a facet of film watching I adore. Great movie, and Gwyneth is charming… her best performance to date. I love her!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509428908 Clara Vaz

    I like Miss Paltrow, and I’m expanding into country. I may go and see this. :D Thanks for not being harsh like everyone else was!

    • Anonymous

      NP :)

      Anyone who says this movie is bad has some serious high standards… trouble is, too many people in this city enjoy hating movies too much. Anyways, it is a very enjoyable film filled with lots of terrific music and moments.

      • Anonymous

        Movie did some decent numbers on the wknd. Hopefully we get a Week 2 Advertising buy for it, glad you guys liked it. Hopefully you’ll see my ads.

      • Anonymous

        Dude their production budget was $15 mil and they made 7.5 the first weekend… they more than deserve another week. Great flick, that like “Let Me In,” people will pass over because they are too ‘smart’ or some other shrouded bulls**t!.

      • Anonymous

        You need to factor in Marketing budget as production is only half the puzzle. This flick did not have a ton of advertising but they paid a lot on the back end with paying to have Gwenyth on Glee and having her preform at a few of the award shows.

      • Anonymous

        Johnny… tell your folks in the office thank you! This is a movie I won’t be forgetting for a long time, it gave me a new lease on life by adjusting my outlook. I can’t seem to get this movie out of my mind… might buy the ST tomorrow ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp


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