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Common – Sweet

When was the last time someone you know spoke completely out of character? Every now and then, we get the cathartic pleasure of witnessing a person in our lives candidly vent any and all frustrations pertaining to their lives in the exact tone they choose. This vicarious observation is usually just as satisfying for those listening as it is for those venting. In this day and age, everyone complains. No one is ever happy and most people are completely comfortable with constantly vocalizing their issues. However, as few and far between as they might be, tongue biters do exist, and when they give their proverbial 2 cents on a topic that frustrates them, time stops. People listen.

Common has been constantly providing a running definition of the word ‘humble’ for years. The man almost never has problems with his peers, he always displays a positive attitude and his message is pure. Everything he does (in rap) is solely for his genuine, unwavering love for the culture. This is displayed in his songs, music videos and collaboration choices. It’s safe to say, (for lack of a better analogy) Common catches every single one of his bees with honey.

However, like all rules, there remains an exception. For his follow-up second single on The Dreamer The Believer Com drops a jarring mass call-out with “Sweet”. On this high energy track (produced by No I.D) he subliminally vents various frustrations with other (nameless) rappers whom he deems fabricated. It is extremely rare that this kind of content is available for Common fans, so when it is we are all listening.

Expect the same razor-sharp lyrical wit he is known for, this time with a much more agitated theme.


Common – Sweet


  • Anonymous

    Without question this is a more appealing sound from Common… for me and my ears. I’ve never been a big Common fan, but I’ve also never hated the guy. His craft is just not cut for my appreciation. That said, I do appreciate him going in and getting angry. I also appreciate you articulating the point as well as you did.

    • Chris Elliott

      Thanks for the love, my G. Really appreciate you checking this out. I know Com’s not necessarily your dude, but I knew you’d at least respect this jam. 

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