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Within every film you attend a theatre to experience, there lays a few short teasers with the purpose of showcasing upcoming releases. These 2-3 minute clip compilations can make or break an audience’s anticipation for the film’s debut. They give us the chance to view projects objectively as if we were movie critics, often providing just enough information for an opinion and an impression.

During my regular rounds of world wide web scouring this morning, I came across a few very entertaining trailers, of which I thought necessary to share with you. The films below are upcoming releases that have impressed and inspired me. Though they all come from different genres, styles and influences of film making, they exist on one patch of common ground: potential. That, in itself is the beauty of the cinematic trailer. The potential to catapult movie goers into something groundbreaking. Something that will leave a lasting and meaningful impression.

Watch objectively, with an open mind and heart.








  • http://twitter.com/ryanhancock9 Ryan Hancock

    I’m actually really excited for all 4 of these movies man. Wanderlust looks funny and I just love Paul Rudd in anything. And Aniston is sexy as fuck STILL. haha. 21 Jump Street looks a lot like Superbad but it still looks really funny. Young Adult has Charlize Theron and she’s also sexy, and with the writers of Juno and the director of Up In the Air, I’m sure it will be good. As for I Melt With You, I actually haven’t heard of it but I really like the cast. Rob Lowe hasn’t done anything in a long time, and Jeremy Piven is the man. Nice blog man, you film-watching bastard.

    • Chris Elliott

      ahahah Thanks a lot dude. I appreciate the response. This was kind of a silly, half-assed blog, but I just wanted to get it out, becuase I was so moved by all 4 of these trailers. I think I’m going to have a series wherein, I post upcoming stuff like this on a regular basis. Holla!

      P.S Aniston and Theron could both get it. At the same DAMN time!!!

  • Anonymous

    Young Adult is great. I got to see it at a private screening last month and the trailer doesn’t even do it justice. You’ll love it. All great picks, all movies I hope to see. Great finds!

    • Chris Elliott

      Lucky duck!! I wanted to see that one the most out of all 4. 2012 is looking really strong.

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