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Collie Buddz – Holiday

In this convoluted and highly complicated world in which live, there aren’t a lot of things that everyone can agree on. One exception to this inevitable rule is the concept of holiday. Vacation. Time off. An opportunity for relaxation.

“9-5, it ain’t workin’ out, so, gotta take a little time out for myself” says Collie Buddz on his highly acclaimed new single Holiday. The Bermuda born reggae artist has been notably absent from the music industry for almost 4 years, but upon the release of his newest album entitled Playback, fans forgot he was ever gone at all.

The reason this song resonates with me so well, is the fact that it is so relatable. Everyone has bad days at work. We all experience periods of elevated anxiety caused by our jobs, and the mere fantasy of an escape from that can be so therapeutic.

This simple, but highly impactful islands inspired song soothes the soul and sonically provides that getaway we all need. Especially now!

Enjoy the song below and the video here.



  • Anonymous

    I love that you dropped some Collie Buddz. Thanks to the friends I have I never even noticed he was gone. I was hipped to this cat awhile back and I can’t wait for his next effort. Playback will be sick, and the title track already is. Now, with the addition of this gem… PUMPED!

    Just need me a song like this… my fav Buddz track:


    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Michael-Elliott/500513490 Christopher Michael Elliott

      wow. ya I totally feel you on that one.

    • Ryan Calhoun

      yes i big tune my boy……spoke to colin a few months back and he thinks this record he jsut dropped his best work ina while! Big tune hes runnin…..keepiong Bermy on the map…

      • Anonymous

        He definitely does. I’m not too into Dancehall/Reggae. However, my time at Western definitely got my feet wet, and I still love Collie Buddz & Movado! Two amazing artists no matter the genre.

  • Anonymous

    This is your medium my friend. None of us do it better than you. My boyz JLB and Calhoun intro’d me to this guy and he is mega-talented!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Michael-Elliott/500513490 Christopher Michael Elliott

      Thanks dog. I absolutely love this dude. He’s sick shit.

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