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Chromeo (Apparently, I’ve been having a little nap)

Good news though… I just woke up!

Chromeo marks the last snap-judgement I make,  based on a genre of music. For a person with such an eclectic library of songs, you would think I could be a little more open minded to the idea of exploring artists outside of my usual comfort zone. However, when I hear the word techno, or any of it’s electronic, house or dub-step counterparts, I go running for the hills. 1 month ago, upon being introduced to the phenomenon that is Chromeo, this stubborn behavior stopped.

I have always been a fan of 80′s pop. In high school, when everyone was rolling through the parking lot blaring 50 Cent and Eminem, my eardrums were being ruined by the high decibel melodies of Aha, Fine Young Cannibals and Cutting Crew. I’ve always had a unique fixation for heavily synthesized love songs. Call it strange, because that’s exactly what it is. However, that same peculiar interest is what allowed me to identify with the works of Chromeo.

When I first heard of this dynamic duo of electrofunk talent, I brushed them off without thought. As I type this blog, they are practically all I’m listening to as of late, and for good reason. All of their songs are up-beat, electronic and catchy, making them so difficult to ignore. They have mastered a method of combining catchy funk-hooks with flawlessly produced instrumentals, all while including lyrics that most people can relate to. Needless to say, I am impressed beyond the expression of this blog’s words.

For those, like me, who have a hard time accepting the fact that there might be some techno/electronic-ish music that you can resonate with, I have put together a small starter kit. This downloadable package contains 5 Chromeo songs that I feel, you cannot live without. Click the link below, and enjoy:



  • Anonymous

    Chromeo is def decent. Colin got me started on them, but I am a bit more Dub-Step in my electronic likings to rate the as numbers 1-5. That said, good stuff and I can’t wait to see what your started pack includes. Good on ya… you need more electronic music in your life!

    • Chris Elliott

       Love these guys man. Glad you do as well. And I agree, I do need more electronic. No question.

  • Anonymous

    This is some cool shit, thanks for the hip on this!

    • Chris Elliott

      Got you. They are incredibly talented guys. I knew you would dig this. 

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