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Caps: Chicago Bulls Vintage Snapback Cap

Every since I was a little kid, I have been obsessed with hats. Over the the years, I have owned literally… hundreds. To this day, I still remember the most iconic hat I ever owned. The Chicago Bulls snapback.

I remember it like it was yesterday…

Like everyone in 1995, I was a die-hard Bulls fan. Michael Jordan was my hero and Red and Black were my colours. I remember taking my first trip to Chicago as a 9 year-old kid with my family and begging my dad to buy me a Bulls cap. After pleading with him for hours, he finally gave in and bought me, and my copycat little brother our beloved hats. When I first put that hat on (even though I was a massive nerd in those days), I was James Dean cool. I was on top of the world. Complete as could be. I wore it everywhere, on every occassion, in every way.

Its actually quite funny to think about now, because the exact hat that I so desperately wanted almost 20 years ago as a little kid, is the same hat, that I so desperately want as a grown man.

As popularity for vintage Snapback Caps is growing by the day, they will hopefully be more easily accessible for purchase in the near future. For now, one can only dream…

Thank you Michael.


  • http://twitter.com/BossxSamp Kevin Sample

    are u interested in selling any of your hats

    • Chris Elliott

      Sorry dog, We don’t sell hats. Just waht’s featured in our products page! Thanks for the interest though.

  • Lildennis

     can i buy this cap i need one

    • Ranjodh_baller

      i have that hat

  • Alexgoms

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  • Trungct_1996


  • catninja

    My friend really wants one of these, where could she get them from?

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