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Californication – Season 4 – Halftime

There’s a fine line between depression and happiness.  Between staying afloat and hitting rock bottom.  We’ve all been there, some more than others.  That fellow you sit beside on the train every morning: he’s cute; and depressed.  That hot girl you saw at Starbucks?  Rock bottom.  Some of us hold it together better than others.

Welcome to Californication Season 4 Half-Time Show! 

Half way through the season we’ve seen one of the coolest mother-fuckers on TV swirl down the drain!  Hank Moody is a man on the road to redemption.  What they didn’t tell us is that that road has many twists, turns, peaks and valleys.

Hank Moody has hit rock bottom.  His on again/off again soul-mate hates him.  Fans of the series find nothing new there, but things take a turn for the worse when the real love of his life, his daughter Becca, joins the parade.  The one thing keeping Hank from turning into an E-True Hollywood Story is her unfettered love for him… but dancing with the devil has left her undeniably changed.

Want more?  Hank has been charged with statutory rape.  You remember; “Fucking & Punching” a 16 year old?!?!

 The good news…  His book; about exactly that, is the subject of a major motion picture.  Enter Sasha Bingham (Addison Timlin) and Eddie Nero (Rob Lowe); the actors picked to play the characters from the book.  One wants his mind, the other his prick, but which one?

 Trouble seems to follow Hank wherever he goes.  Throughout the first three seasons Hank did his best to both have a good time and screw up his life. However, his one constant has always been Becca’s belief in him.  Now, without his life-line gone he’s faced with reality: he’s a douchebag!  Hank wants to be punished, but he never wanted the same for his daughter.

So where does this leave us?

His daughter is beginning to mimic his rock n roll lifestyle.

His ex-wife is finding love in the arms of another man.

His newly found lawyer has dropped him as a client.

And his last career-redeeming-glimmer-of-hope is slowly fading away.

Now that sounds like a rollercoaster ride of a second half!

As Eddie Nero recently told Hank “Keeping it together while falling apart” has never been more entertaining.  Stay tuned!


  • Anonymous

    I love this show, but more so I love that you are making me WANT to watch it. It isn’t my fav show ever, but it is definitely one that I can relate to (aside from being a ‘ladies man’). Anyways, Moody is great this season and so are Addison’s stunning breasts! Keep up the good work, I am loving this Tube Talk!

    • Anonymous

      The craziest thing is if you look Addison up its of her a few years ago when she was like 15, weird! This season has been filled with crossroads that Hank has taken the wrong path on. Hopefully he turns it around….or do we want him to???

      Love you bro, thanks for reading!

  • Chris Elliott

    My favorite show out right now! Johnny, you killed this review. I love the way you write homie. Great work.

    Hank Moody is my hero, and I can relate in SO many ways. I just hope he holds on before it’s too late!

    • Anonymous

      Yes sir! This season has been crazy. I enjoy that Hank is actually seeing some of the repercussions of his ways now and they are not easy to get out of!
      Glad youre watching, you are the young HANK MOODY!

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