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Californication Season 4 Wrap

The dust has settled on another season of Californication. When TubeTalk last left you Hank Moody was on trial for Statutory Rape.  As the season closed Moody (David Duchovny) received 3 years’ probation and a twenty-five thousand dollar fine for his crimes.  Not bad for someone who at the same time Fucked and Punched his way into an autobiographical feature film.  The moral of the story: the destructive reap all the rewards. 

But that’s not true is it?  Becca (Madeleine Martin) and Karen (Natascha McElhone) are off with Ben (Michael Ealy) and his daughter Pearl (Zoë Kravitz).  Thus, it seems Karen has found new love. Hank has apparently turned tail on Abby (Carla Gugino), the finest female he’s had other than Karen, and fucked it all away with the girl playing the latter in his movie. 

Consequences to us regular joe’s are written in indelible ink, but in the world of Californication consequences are sketched using more abstract lines.  

Hank can never be me or you.  He can never truly be a family man or even a dependable one. This season he had a nightmare wherein he imagined himself as a “Ward Cleaver” type in a “Leave It To Beaver” world. While this was comedic it was equally absurd. Hank Moody is not the kind of guy who paints his picket fence white. 

Hank is instead a man living on the razors edge.  On one hand he’s a drunk statutory-rapist with a Tinsel-Town attitude. On the other he’s a loving and loyal family man. His family: Becca, Karen, Marcy and Charlie. Now they may not be the model family, but they are his family nonetheless. 

The season closed with Hank driving off into sunset and away from all he knows. Creator Tom Kapinos has promised whole-sale changes for Season 5.  Traditionally, viewers have always loathed directional shifts.  However, this series has travelled as far as it could with its current arc.  Who will return?  Will the series continue in another city? Will it carry on with current story lines, or initiate the “TV Time Jump” so popular with Cable television shows? 

One thing is for certain, Hank will be gracing us with his presence one more time.  We’ll see promiscuity, nudity and fornication abound.  We’ll also see genuinely touching moments flavored with witty-dialogue.  And we wouldn’t have it any other way.


  • Anonymous

    I still haven’t finished this season, for some reason I have been struggling with television this year, (I’ve still not completed the final season of Big Love). That said, I do love Californication. It’s a show about a writer who can’t do right by anyone, I can relate. I feel like that everyday.

    • Anonymous

      It’s very easy and very hard to feel sorry for Hank Moody and that’s the beauty of the character. He is very self-destructive but he is who he is. He cannot be molded or shoved into a square hole as a round peg. Those who do their best to change him always end up hurt.

      This seasonw as defiently fun and good for laughs. The writing is still amazing! Glad Kapinos is looking to make a change though as re-hashing themes over and over on TV is not a good thing.

  • Chris Elliott

    What a great season eh!? Damn, I love this show. Unbelievable. Well put and thank you for covering this highly over looked televised genius!

    • Anonymous

      In regards to it being over-looked, I feel the same way as well! Is it the most important or best written show on Cable? No. Is it one of the funniest/funnest? Yes!
      It’s an easy watch at onle 28 minutes and there are only 12 episodes a season. More people should give it a shot!

      • Chris Elliott

        That’s exactly how I feel man. I’m surprised it isn’t more popular.

  • Sharlene Gerontozos

    Very well written John! You have truly captured the essence of this fantastic series and latest season. I personally can’t wait for a new direction for this show because as much as I love it, I along with Becca & Karen am fed-up with Hank Moody and his all his drama/BS. I know he’ll never change and if he does, there goes the neighbourhood but am eager to see Hank persue new endeavors other than breaking and fixing and breaking and fixing his lovely ladies’ hearts!

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHA I know! I’m hoping they also go a new way, not a lot of people liked when Weeds changed over but I truly loved it because the old suburban-housewife direction was stale. Glad you liked it babe!

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