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Bure Family Wines

Last Friday my friend Natalie brought me along to a party for Bure Family Wines. Held at One Hazelton it was a slice of relaxation with a heavy dose of class. Furthermore, the event was co-sponsored by CBC’s “Battle of the Blades.” For the uneducated, (like myself), ‘Blades’ is a Canadian program wherein figure skaters and former hockey pros pair up and compete for ice-supremacy.

Already in its second season, Valeri Bure has entered the ranks, and competed valiantly throughout. Thus a marriage between the series in which he stars, and the passion in which he promotes, is/was obvious. What wasn’t obvious was the fact I would be interviewing Mr. Bure shortly after I arrived.

Being ill-prepared I opted out for conversation and left business at the door. All I knew about Valeri was his love for his wife Candace, (and that of course was enough). Valeri is a family man in every sense. He loves his wife, adores his children, and has created a venture which brings them all together.

From the Romans to the Russians, from Naples to Napa Valley, food and wine have brought families to the table for centuries. This is a fact Valeri recognizes; this is the spirit that fuels his culinary project.

Currently his St. Helena vineyard has produced three distinct bottles: Majesty; Duration; and Nuit Blanche. Despite being a fan of reds (Majesty & Duration), Valeri’s strength lies with his singular white. Nuit Blanche is a red drinker’s white. Dry and full-bodied it’s not your average sweet-toothed-staple. It’s a compliment to your taste-buds and a surprise to the uninitiated.

Packaged brilliantly and funded by passion, Bure Family Wines are sure to be falling into a glass near you come 2011.


  • Anonymous

    I remember watching Valeri and his brother Pavel light up the league for many years. it’s nice to hear some NHLers, unlike my next blog project Sean Avery, be successful off the ice while maintaining family and intergrity.
    Question: they have this readily available at the LCBO?

    Good Job bro

    • Anonymous

      No… they just produced their first 400 crates. It is very rare, but should pick up next year, and the year after. The guy is a world-class-gent… and he has a world-class-product on his hand. Can’t wait for Sean Avery tomorrow.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Michael-Elliott/500513490 Christopher Michael Elliott

    Very well done sir. I enjoyed hearing about this yesterday, and I enjoyed reading this today. This is some really cool stuff. Have you ever watched the movie “sideways”? If not, watch it. I guarantee you’ll like it.

    • Anonymous

      Impressed that this sparked a movie recommendation. Also glad you liked the first Tastebuds piece… as you know I never planned on doing new one, but you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth when you get an opportunity like this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    i love me a good glass of wine : )
    and i love full house!

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