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Breaking Dawn, Part One


There is no film which embodies the “My Life at the Movies” experience more than the one mentioned above. Odd when you consider my favorite film of all time is Conan the Barbarian (1982), but understandable if you’re familiar with this series. MLatM is all about making movies my life, and a year ago I decided to do that with Twilight.

Though I’d read the first book and seen the first film the series failed to capture my attention. By the end of 2010 I blamed this on my bias, and set out to find the beauties embedded within this postmodern myth. It’s narrative helped define this generation’s vampire. Every decade the immortal romantic is re-imagined, and our current bloodsucker is set in the company of wolves. He is beautiful to look at, and at war to win his lover’s heart. Yes, the love triangle is integral to being a vampire these days. However, I don’t think any story employs this element as effectively as the Twlight tale. There is no question that Bella and Edward should be together, but what about Jacob?

Breaking Dawn Part 1 finally answers that question. The riddle of Jacob’s heart is solved by the birth of Renessme. Thus, most of the movie is about Bella and Edward enjoying their wedded bliss. And what a wedding it was. Taking up at least a third of the film, the event was elegant, and robust with laughs and tears. The speeches were hilarious; the kiss was timeless… consuming. Then off to Edward’s “New Moon” hideout, Rio de Jainero.

Eager beavers await my discussion of the long awaited sex scene, but my favorite moment came a step before the bedroom. That sporadic street-side dance… it was hypnotizing.

In time came the horror. Director Bill Condon brought some Brothers Grimm to this fairytale. From the cake of bloodied bodies to Bella’s demonic atrophy there were many dark moments; none more so than her gruesome undressing. The decay depicted on her flesh was made convincing thanks to the Canadian company Modus FX. That said, the fights still failed to live up to New Moon’s excellence. No choreography or creativity has equaled that moment in the Volturi’s council chambers. However, the writing remained on par thanks to Melissa Rosenberg who’s been there from the start. Edward and Jacob remain equally sacrificial, and Robert and Taylor equally as expressive in relaying such. However, the strength of the script rests in Kristen Stewart hands.

K-Stew you’re my drama queen! I’m giving a Golden baby nod to your performance of a lover fighting for attention, and a mother fighting for her child. Alas, I need to find my own Bella: an oddball who isn’t scared to be so; a woman who won’t think it weird when I say, “I have died every day waiting for you.” Romance isn’t dead, and neither is the vampire. I loved Breaking Dawn, and proudly grace it with the classic closure… my life at the movies.




  • maryjane

    beautiful review Jon. I loved reading every word, seriously =) 

    • Anonymous

      Clever name, endearing comment.

  • Alessandra Colella

    Great review Jonny – I love the line you quoted — I think its tied with Edwards Wedding Speech: 
    “No measure of time with you will every be long enough, let’s start with forever” just because of the context.
    Can’t wait for Part 2 to wrap up this review, as this is one of the books I will admit I have read over and over again – I am excited to see how it will bring everything to a close…especially if they include the final scene from the book which I am sure you will love!

    • Anonymous

      I definitely have to finish this series of books as well. My plan is to do so by the end of 2012. It would be nice to have them all read before the final movie releases. Thanks for coming with, it was an amazing movie, and I am glad you liked the review :)  

      • Alessandra Colella

        Its always a pleasure watching the master at work ;) ps. the movie comes out November 2012 – ya gots some time my dear!

  • Chris Elliott

    Wow man! This is easily one of your best MLATM posts. Like “maryjane” commented, I too loved every word. The first song melted me, dog. Melted me! Great review. Despite my undying hatred for this serious, you ALMOST convinced me to waste my money on seeing this film! ahahahaha You know I luuuu disssssss *Rick Ross voice before his verse on lord knows* But seriously. Amazing blog. You really outdid yourself with this one.

    • Anonymous

      It’s certainly fluff in so many sense, but when you dig deep there is a lot to love about Twilight. People HATE me for saying it, but I truly feel that way. I invested hours over the year into research and viewings, and I now see why this story is so MASSIVE. Thanks for the love slime!

  • Amandalstrang

    I am so glad you loved this movie! the entire series is AMAZING and Breaking Dawn is the best movie so far in my opinion. This was a great post, and we should totally go see the movie again :)   good job!

    • Anonymous

      I’m so down to see it again… let me know. So happy you enjoyed my take. You were one of the only people who knew that I was trying to figure this series out over the last year, and I’m amazed that I fell in love with it. This MAY be my favorite, but you know I love me some New Moon. 

  • Kimberly Applewhite Teitter

    Jon!  Loving your post!  I have missed them on my facebook feed–where did you go?

    • Anonymous

      Just got rid of Facebook is all. If you join the Dreamland Facebook account it updates fairly often. I blog 2-3 times a week, one of those always being a movie blog. Glad you liked the Breaking Dawn piece. Feel free to stop in whenever :)

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