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Dreamlife Dailies

Tom Gist – For My Lady Friends (Mixtape)

I would like to give a big shout out to Tom Gist and Robert Early for coming through extra hard (pause) these past couple weeks. Just last Friday I was pleased to announce the Dat Piff release of Tom’s T.G.I.F offering and not 8 days later, I’m already announcing his newest mixtape (geared toward his “lady friends”) entitled For My Lady Friends.

This tape offers a softer, more vulnerable side of the lyrical giant, showcasing his romantic courting skills. Gist shines particularly well on the album’s intro (and self produced track)I Wanna Get Next To U.

Please hit this link and get a little closer to your special somebodies over the holidays.


You ain’t plain, you wanna be the Aviator.

HAHA-YO – Holiday Song (Music Video)

Christmas for HAHA-YO enthusiasts has come early this year, and with a special surprise present (the present that NO-NOBODY expected): A feature from Brain Bang!

Over yet another Jon Bonus produced track, Boyder and the boys take a lighthearted approach to the festive season with this hilarious new song and video to match. Check it out below!


All I want for Christmas is a nap. – Bangley

Just-In-Rhymes – Life Is Short (Music Video)

Mr. Rhymes returns for another light hearted visual with the assistance of Director Ry Howitt. To the tune of his new single “Life Is Short”, a Cowboy clad Rhymes cruises the streets of Toronto, simply going about his business.


Just-In-Rhymes – Something In The Attic

The hard work, dedication and unwavering commitment that Just-In-Rhymes has put into his debut album is unparalleled to the efforts of any other artist I have ever been in contact with. From the seemingly never ending Timbuktu studio sessions (beginning in mid 2011), to the extensive mixing and mastering process (spilling into this past summer), Justin’s masterpiece Something In The Attic was certainly a labor of love.

Fortunately his blood, sweat and tears were not sacrificed in vain. From the hard hitting intro “Everything” to the album’s nostalgic closer “Yesterday” Justin and his crack-squad of highly respected producers, engineers and rappers left absolutely no room for negative critique.

Throughout it’s 14 tracks, a roller coaster of emotions is explored unapologetically and with complete vulnerability. During the album’s most chilling track “Straw Dogs”, the fictitious plot of a menacing rampage climaxes into a nightmare sure to frighten the squeamish and please the wicked.

Perhaps the most progressive and advanced song the album boasts is “Sproink”. With a feature from Timbuktu and Info The Astronaut, Mr. Rhymes is definitely in good company.

Without question, Something In The Attic is a superb first offering and will prove to be the first major milestone in the lengthy and prosperous career of Just-In-Rhymes.

If you wish to purchase the album, you may do so here:





Bandcamp – Enjoy a free download of Justin’s lead single “Never Loved” HERE!



HAHA-YO – Do What I Want (Music Video)

Boyder aka Boyder Daggie aka Seat Sitter aka Tommy Two-Tones aka Tommy Tickets aka 60 aka 70, Lukey The Bird, Jon Bonus and the man on the milk carton Brain Bangley bring us another feel good summer visual to the tune of their hit song Do What I Want. Fans of the rapidly rising group should pay attention, as big things are coming soon (Hey).

HAHA-YO – Do What I Want (Teaser)

If you don’t know about these gents, you know now. West Chester, stand up!!!


Chris Brown – Till I Die (Feat. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa) Music Video

Chris Brown drops his latest video with the help of a few friends in promotion for his upcoming album Fortune.



The Films of New York City

I’ve always been attracted to romantic comedies and dramas set in New York city. The city’s vast and diverse landscape offers the perfect backdrop for intillectual conversions and intimate situations. Can you name every film in the gallery?

My Team’s Been Busy…

We have been very busy over the last couple months and as a teaser of the many things to come from our camp, Just-In-Rhymes, Smart and myself have a couple of tracks to debut.

The first is a song I produced and featured on for Justin entitled Are You Ready. This joint is a high energy, heavy drum pick-me-up using an Acapella Soul ll Soul sample.


Listen and download for FREE here.

The second is a song produced by Smart for Justin entitled On The Low. Without being melancholic, this smooth and reflective ballad soothes the ear and occupies the mind.

Listen and download for FREE here.

2013 is going to be an enormous year for us! Please stay tuned to enjoy more classics from B-Mac, Info The Astronaut, Just-In-Rhymes, Smart, Nickelbag and myself.

Action Bronson – The Symbol (Produced by The Alchemist) (Music Video)

Bam Bam Bronsolini is FINALLY back! Linking up with The Alchemist for the entirety of his forthcoming album entitled Rare Chandeliers, his newest single The Symbol gives fans a mouth watering taste of what’s to come.

Enjoy the Rik Cordero directed visual above!

Fuck, that’s delicious!


F.A.M.E – Flexing

This is the first solo track that I have released in over 3 years. It is also the first solo track that I have produced in over 5 years.




Nicki Minaj – I Am Your Leader (Feat. Cam’ron and Rick Ross) (Music Video)

Barbie is back with her usual double dose of wonky and wonderful. With the help of the Boss and Killa, Nicki Minaj births yet another classic visual.


Girlfriend, you don’t know Cameron from nowhere so don’t go tamperin’

F.A.M.E – Once Upon A Summer Day

After many hours of hard work, some excellent artistry, great friends and creative execution, I proudly present my new EP Once Upon A Summer Day. Special Thanks to Info, Just-In-Rhymes, Smart and B-Mac. This could not have happened without you guys.


Apple’s Incredible 1986 Clothing Line

They called it “The Apple Collection.”

The idea is far from the modern, sleek, minimalist and timeless design that make Apple products the sensation they are today.

A burrito is a sleeping bag for ground beef

Tom Gist – T.G.I.F

On this grey, bleak Friday morning in December, we wait in anticipation of the most wonderful time of the year. With presents bound to be given and received, we take time to appreciate our loved ones far and near. We also take time to appreciate the fact that after almost a year long hiatus, Harlem legend Tom Gist has finally released a new collective piece!

Thank GOD it’s Friday and TOM GIST IS FIRE! Ant Man is back in full form with this 15 track Mixtape, specifically crafted to prove it’s self-proclaiming title. And prove it, it does. The usual lyrical wizardy, introspective creativity and poetic mastery is displayed throughout. Fans from Harlem and all over the world will not be let down.

Download the tape here.


Thursdays at: Johnny Jackson

Mark Thursday October 18th, 2012 in your calendars. As a matter of fact, mark every Thursday from now until the end of time. For, Thursday nights at Johnny Jackson will never be the same again. Hosted by renowned party animals DJ Philpmode and DJ Dread Mcgruff, this bash and all bashes proceeding, promise great music, great people and an all around fun time.

For a no cover, and no holds barred rage-fest, be sure to come by Johnny Jackson (587 College St Toronto) on Thursday October 18th.

Just as a little teaser, the man behind the curtain has liberated an appetizing preview. Check it out here!

HAHA-YO – Sundress (Music Video)

The boys of (late) summer are back for one more feel good jam before harvest. Boyder and Lukey The Bird (with the help of super-producer Jon Bonus) have made magic x 2 with their newest song and visual “Sundress” Going for a slightly more intimate theme, this catchy tune is a nice transition from the first two slightly more care-free songs.

If you like feel good hip-hop with a touch of humor, please check these guys out and spread the word!

Stalley – Petrin Hill Peonies (Music Video)

My man Stalley is forever endearing, humble and charismatic and this video is a reflection of just that. The layed-back, summertime visuals that support this classic song bring feelings of pure enjoyment and comfort.

I hope this video moves you the way it did me.



HAHA-YO – Jimmy Buffett

After much anticipation, the fine lads at HAHA-YO blessed the world with their video for Jimmy Buffett. I have been following their music/shenanigans for years and I’m so pleased to see this progression. If you don’t already know about these guys, this is a great introduction.

G.O.O.D Music – Mercy (Feat. 2 Chainz) Music Video

Kanye and the fine wordsmiths of G.O.O.D Music finally drop their highly anticipated visual followup to Mercy.
This is easily one of the most iconic videos of all time…. and it’s only a few hours old.


Jay-Z & Kanye West – No Church In The Wild (Music Video)

The two most powerful forces in rap liberate their 3rd official music video off of their critically acclaimed album Watch The Throne.

What’s a King to a God? What’s a God to a non-believer?

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