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Not only has it been awhile since I graced Dreamland’s Runway, it’s also interesting why I’ve left MLatM & The <3 Blog to do so. In the past I’ve discussed my love for babes in stems, as well as my picky nose. However, I’m more than just some high class asshole with a taste for the upper crust. I’ve made it more than evident that I love Rap music and proudly represent it. The reason I’ve returned to the Runway is because I salute Hip-Hop culture, and so do the boys over at Blasfome.com

The first time I came across Blasfome I didn’t even know it. Like so many other people I saw Wiz Khalifa wearing their clothing in his video for, “Damn it Feels Good to be a Taylor.” That Somalia Pirates tee now lives on in infamy… and gloriously so.

I eventually procured this knowledge thanks to my guilty pleasure Twitter. One day on Twitter I saw my boy Reese (AKA King Fantastic), retweet a blog about his concert in Pittsburgh. Worried it was just another limited look from a Tumblr account I was pleased to see it was everything but. The blog gave a fully immersive view of Reese’s time in the Black & Yellow Borough. Thereafter I traversed their website, and was impressed by the entire experience. These are guys that love rap music, blogging, and selling the clothes they make. I know a couple of guys like that… Us!

Seeing people with similar passion south of the border was inspiring. Furthermore, I got in contact with Dave over at Blasfome and we’ve become quick friends. It’s weird how having a friend in Pittsburgh made last Tuesday so epic, but it did. Conversing about Wiz’s release was great. Feeling the electricity of Dave and his city over their first major rap release reminded me of when Drake dropped here. Who would have thought Toronto & Pittsburgh would be on top of the rap game? Feels so F@#$%!G  GOOD!

It’s all about love over here and that’s what we’re giving. Blasfome’s 2011 Spring line is out and I’m aiming to grab me their Keystone Hate tee, (remind people what not to bring my way ;) ). I also know a few goons that could make people feel uncomfortable rocking.“Your People Ain’t Safe in the Streets”. But Blasfome is more than just outerwear, it’s also a culture. Go over to their blog and get to know the boys. Trust me it’s worth it. I mean after all, you took your chance on Dreamland, and that’s worked out great!


  • Anonymous

    Love BLASFOME gear but I need you to know Dave that I can’t stand the Steelers! I will never rock the black n yellow!

    That said, I will be ordering some gear today because thats how I do. I back up my works with the pocket-book.

    Good job with the site BLASFOME, you guys are the truth!

    • Anonymous

      Order me a Medium “Keystone Hate” PLEASE!!! I’ll throw you the cash ASAP!

      • Anonymous


  • Chris Elliott

    This gear looks mad fresh dog. I like their vibe. Very original.

    • Anonymous

      Ya they have a great edge to their gear. Can’t wait to see our own Spring/Summer line drop. Checkin my fresh ;)

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