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Big Trouble With The Goonies

Some kids had blankets, others teddy-bears, but as a child I had… a Ziploc bag full of newspaper clippings! I took that plastic bag with me wherever I went. Upon reaching a destination equipped with a clean and flat surface I would proceed to open the bag, remove the clippings, and lay them out strategically.

The clippings were of film advertisements cut from the entertainment section of the local paper. Movie posters of both pictures I loved, and those I loved to look at, (all finely snipped by my mother’s steady hand).

It was a weird visual obsession that has now grown into a monstrous passion, but can you blame me? With cut-outs of films like Transformers: The Movie; Commando; Teen Wolf; Howard the Duck; Labyrinth; Flight of the Navigator; Big Trouble in Little China; and The Goonies it’s sad to think that coveted collection’s now lost.

***Big Trouble in Little China***

Thanks to Cineplex and Front Row Centre Events I was blessed with the opportunity to view a pair of those long lost gems mentioned above. The first of which was a midnight showing of Big Trouble in Little China.

For the uninitiated, this was one of the many masterpieces fine crafted by John Carpenter in the 70/80’s. Mr. Carpenter: both a great director and a clever composer; and Big Trouble in Little China a film wherein he married these audio and visual talents.

Basically the film is “John-Wayne-Goes-To-China” dipped in neon and infected with the supernatural. Suffice it to say there is no other movie out there like it.

***The Goonies***

For a Superbowl pre-party I endeavored to make #mlatm a part of the experience. Thus, with “The Great Digital Film Festival” in full effect I was off to see a timeless tale titled, “The Goonies.” This was a much more well-renowned project then the first, and rightfully so. With Richard Donner in the directors chair, and some of Hollywood’s greatest acting talents still in their youth it is little wonder why we all loved it, (Kerri Green in a skirt didn’t hurt either).

Seeing this movie digitally re-mastered for a fifty-foot screen is difficult to put into words, and t is not often that I am left speechless, but alas I must acquiesce and close this coverage with some gratitude.

Thank you “Front Row Centre Events” for offering up an outstanding film-fest to kick off 2011. Throughout the year I’ll be endeavoring to visit every Toronto based film-festival I can. After all, this blog isn’t just about past experiences it’s also about my life at the movies ;)


  • Anonymous

    two amazing movies that I grew up with. It’s a blessing living in a city where they bring back these types of films on the regular. Next up for me…Fight Club!

    • Anonymous

      It really is… and to think this is only the first of many festivals. The quality of the digital picture (brought by the folks at Front Row) is AMAZING! In addition to their nostalgic value, they are now up-to-date visual masterpieces. I’ve never seen either film in this light before, and I’m so grateful I did.

      80′s love continues at the TIff Bell Lightbox soon. Also, I may be in for Fincher & his Fight Club… It just depends how much sleep I get this week ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Michael-Elliott/500513490 Christopher Michael Elliott

    1 amazing movie (The Goonies), and another forgettable 80′s cheese slice that I haven’t watched since 2006. I really did not enjoy Big Trouble. However I am a VERY big Goonies fan. I like the continuation of the double feature, and I must say, the 80′s vibe will always win me over.

    • Anonymous

      Big Trouble is not something for everyone that is for sure. It bombed at the box office, but because of a hardcore fanbase it lives on in glorious hd infamy. I love it, but I see why people don’t as it is loaded with B Movie styles, characterizations, and dialog.

      You have to come along for an 80′s movie. There is a few more left on the list to see over the next few months… I think you’ll like “Monster Squad” if you haven’t seen it already.

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