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Big Sean – My Last (Feat. Chris Brown)

Life’s a bitch and then you die. Too many people take too many things for granted. Myself included. I’ve had a rough couple of years, and it caused me more grief and stress, than I ever could have imagined. However, in many ways, I appreciate my hardships and even remain thankful for them. They have granted me a great deal of perspective. I have experienced a shift in environment, attitude and state of mind. I know what it feels like to lose, and I know what it feels like to grind. Thankfully, I have also been blessed with many good people, positive experiences and glorious memories in my life. Big Sean’s new hit entitled My Last, helped to remind me of this balance in outlook.

Appreciation has always been one of Sean’s strong suits, and a definite theme within his career. This triumphant song acts as a reflection on his past hardships and present victories. A testament to his dedication and persistence. With help from his new go-to-feature Chris Brown, My Last has turned into a monster on the airwaves. Subsequently, it has also turned into my new favorite song. Hopefully, this hit song is merely a preview of what we can expect off of Big Sean’s highly anticipated debut album Finally Famous.

Enjoy it like it’s your last.

Big Sean – My Last (Feat. Chris Brown)




  • Anonymous

    I LOVE YOU LIL BRO! Real talk, we have been through so much from day one. You know my heart, you know it’s hers, and you never judge me. I never judge you in turn. No matter how hard the times get I got you. This is blood. This is Dreamland. This is you, John, Brian, and I grinding no matter whether we top off or bottom out. This is for the art, the fans, and the love. Thank you for backing me no matter. I got you to my last.

    • Chris Elliott

      Thank you for saying that sir. I appreciate it to the fullest. It’s all about recognizing the good things you have, while you have them.

  • Anonymous

    From the get go I knew this guy was the one from Kanye’s crew; he was by far my fav. Glad to see him grindin’ so hard!

    BTW C Brown is my boy, love the kid!

    • Chris Elliott

      That’s what’s up dog. I totally agree, and I’m really glad you liked this track. it’s DOPE shit and I think he’s going to stir up the game really nicely when his album drops.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah man if he comes to town we gotz to go! Im back in show mode lately!

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