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Big Sean

In 2006, Kanye West was coming out of an interview at a Radio station when he was approached by Big Sean. After 5 minutes of pleading with the icon, Big Sean convinced Kanye to listen to 16 bars of his rhymes. 100 bars later, Kanye was left in a state of aw, and signed him to his G.O.O.D music label a couple weeks later. After that, the rest was history for the (then 18 year old) Detroit native.

Since the success of his first official single in 2007 entitled “Getcha Some” Big Sean has been on a slow, yet steady pace to make his name known in pop culture. With Kanye West as his mentor and G.O.O.D music as his team, he can not only build on his own creativity, but channel energy from other label-mates.

Recently Big Sean has released “Finally Famous Vol. 3”, the sequel mixtape to his Finally Famous franchise. On this mixtape, his wizardry on the microphone, complimented by witty punchlines and relatable song topics, leaves fans constantly wanting more. One of the tracks that really stood out to me was “High Rise”, a DJ Don Cannon produced banger that is reminiscent of material conceived by Tupac Shakur. The menacing piano-driven melodies, accompanied by hard hitting drums make for a deep and hypnotizing instrumental experience. Sean’s lifestyle inspired lyrics on the song paint a clear picture of his drive and motivation. His recent appearances on the G.O.O.D Friday songs “G.O.O.D Fridays” and “Don’t Look Down” have upheld his lyrical reputation, and even showcased a more diverse dimension of his style.

On November 22nd the hip-hop world will get their first official look at Big Sean in the form of his highly anticipated debut album “Finally Famous”. Being, the underdog of his label, there is a lot of speculation that he isn’t capable of delivering classic material. I believe that on November 22nd, he will not only prove these Nay-Sayers wrong, but also secure a more powerful spot on the G.O.O.D music roster.

Big Sean

If you haven’t been paying attention up to this point, I highly recommend that you start now.

Big Sean – High Rise from Dante Marshall on Vimeo.


  • Anonymous

    Love this guy! Beat me to the punch on posting! His mixtapes are nuts

  • Anonymous

    Not his biggest fan (pun intended), however, I will give him another listen now. Much love for the love my man. We goin crazy over G.O.O.D. Music as of late!!!

  • Clemetineolden

    what up big sean where’s your apperall no homo but i like your snapback im only 11 but im still swagged out boi boi boi

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