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Beyond Blockbuster

Though it may no longer be at the top of her list, I’ll always see it as my mom’s all-time fav: Star Trek IV “The Voyage Home.” Most people prefer the trilogies onset when Kirk screams “Khaaaaan,” but not my mom, she favored seeing Spock find whales from the past. The needs of the many out weighed the needs of the few in the first. Then the search began, making the needs of one out-weigh the needs of all.  Thereafter, when the needs of the federated planets took to the forefront, the Enterprise was sent to San Francisco circa 1982. The goal? Find the space-age-savior… Whales!

This may sound crazy, but whenever that plot unfolded before my mother’s eyes the kid in her returned. She loved that movie, and only she could tell you why. Let me offer my interpretation in the meantime.

In 1975 Steven Spielberg made Jaws, and the egg known as “Blockbuster” was hatched. Two years later George Lucas injected that chick with space-age steroids when he released “Star Wars.” This later led to the revival of Star Trek in 1979 with the Orginal Motion Picture.The 80′s soon hit and the advent of the blockbuster was official. Star Trek established it’s only true trilogy (II-IV) and Star Wars closed when the Jedi at last returned. Oh ya… and some guy named Ridley Scott reinterpreted the space invaders concept.

Spielberg and Lucas infused this excitement into the 90′s as well. Jurassic Park opened the decade with the beauties of CGI, and The Phantom Menace closed it with similar digital brilliance. Sidenote: during this time James Cameron made a couple films about time-travelling robots, and one about a sinking ship.

Just when we thought things couldn’t get more epic the new millennium dawned in HD. Michael Bay made an old Hasbro toy a cinematic success; Sam Raimi took a break from undead opera’s to put Spider-Man on the big screen; and Christopher Nolan re-imagined the entire Batman franchise. Plus, J.J. Abrams surprised the world by breathing a decade of new life into Star Trek.

I know you loved that one mom :) and I know you can’t wait for the sequel. So while we live long and prosper let us look forward to the blockbusters ahead: Mr. Abrams is returning this summer with Super 8; and Zack Snyder is dropping his first original story. Harry Potter is coming to a close, and Transformers is entering “trilogy” status. The summer is coming folks, comic flicks and pirate chicks are on their way.

It’s March, Mom’s turned 29, and a six month celebration is at hand! It’s Blockbuster season here in my life at the movies.


  • KWgirl

    Yes I was and still am a Sci-Fi geek. I love the humanity in it all. When all is said and done, the needs of the many still outweigh the needs of the one. Being a teenager in the 70′s was awesome seeing the dawn of the blockbuster. I can never forget lining up to see Star Wars and then walking out of the movie and lining up again! Loving the new Star Trek franchise….live long and prosper:)

    • Anonymous

      Mom you kill me :) But folks now you see where I get it from. The Godfrey house is Sci-Fi friendly.

      I’m glad you liked the blog mom, and I hope you had a great birthday. LOVE YOU!!!

      • KWgirl

        Didn’t you know I converted your dad to the dark side? Sci-Fi rules…has always been one of my personal favourites. Yup, it was a happy birthday…thanks for the great column and the memories it invoked:) I HEART you too!

      • Anonymous

        Mrs Godfrey, it was a pleasure to meet you when you came down! I wish we had more time to talk movies. I’ve always been a sci-fi head myself, when I was a kid I stuck more the the publicly palatable but I venture further and further into the abyss in my older age!

        One thing though…Star Trek 4???? WOW! HaHaHa I’m not mad at the movie but it was hokey as all hell! I’m a 2 and 3 guy myself. Death of Spock still makes me sob!

        Still love you though!

      • Anonymous

        Yezzir… Kirk and crew going trolling for nubes! The kill me in 4. The V “The Final Frontier.”

        They go looking for God… and Spock brother “Sybok” is awesome!

  • Chris Elliott

    This Sci-Fi stuff is not my cup of tea, but I definitely respect and admire the integration of Mama Godfrey! Good lookin’ my slime!

    • Anonymous

      And more importantly… she loved it too! I gotta find you a sci-fi flick you’ll love. I’ll bring you to a sci-fi show, and we’ll go to a Woody Allen flick for you. DEAL!

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