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Recently, the emotional draughts which come for the ‘waters of life’ came for mine. As my father reminded me during this uncomfortable episode, “life is suffering,” and for several weeks I endured the truths embedded in said statement. Luckily I have the loved ones that I do, and each in their own way broke through the clouds of my despair to offer me a little sunshine.

Those moments were all thoroughly enjoyed. However, the mysteries held within their yellow rays still confound me. Life is on an upswing again. Though the hardships haven’t lessened, the ability to bear it has been re-instilled. Considering that love is again the inspiration behind my awakening, I’ve been offered my old gig as a soldier for the cause.

Yes, the “Hopeless Romantic” has returned, and as always, unapologetically so. I’d thought my Excalibur lost, but like the Lady in the Lake, movies helped me find it; a film by the name of “Beginners” to be exact.

As one of Alliance’s current Canadian releases even if you haven’t heard of it you can expect it to be good. As a Varsity VIP screening you plan on it being artistic. With Ewan McGregor in the lead you feel it will be profound (I.E. Big Fish, Moulin Rouge, Trainspotting). However, what I didn’t know beforehand was what the movie would teach me. After all, the point of “My Life at the Movies” is to rehash the discoveries made whenever I am placed before a moving picture.

In watching a disjointed narrative about the disarming nature of true love the walls I thought I’d built so well were quickly broken. Tears collected on my cheeks and fell from my lips with ease, (and often). Yet, amidst the poetic storytelling of Oliver’s (McGregor) quest for Anna (played by Parisian beauty Melanie Laurent,) I rediscovered my own. Locked behind the Gates of Pride there was a segment in the film which offered up a key: The Lion Vs. The Giraffe.

In said scene Oliver’s father discussed his reasoning for settling with the lover he did. He explained that he’d always wanted a lion, but after years of searching felt compelled to take a giraffe over nothing. In turn he asked his son what he would do. His reply, keep on waiting for the lion. I couldn’t have agreed more.

Oft times when we suffer from a broken heart the only advice we ever receive is to move on. Furthermore, in this un-splintered and patch-less day and age whatever is viewed as being in disrepair is simply thrown aside. I will forever beg to differ on this matter. The heart will choose who it will, so never allow the minds of others to challenge its selection. Stay strong, in love, and believing.

Here’s to an amazing 50th film in my “Race to 100” here at My Life at the Movies.


  • Anonymous

    I rally enjoyed this movie as well.  Ewan was excellent, after watching him in this and re-watching Men Who Stare At Goats the other day I’m reminded on how human a performance he always gives.

    Oh and Melanie Laurent?  That woman is unreal.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I’ve only seen her in two movies thus far and she i beyond breathtaking. She knows how to steal a scene and a glance with ease. Ewan McGregor, though beloved as Obi-Wan Kenobi will always be most appreciated by me because of Moulin Rouge. That is without question one of my favorite movies ever made. (Note to self, I still have to watch “Men Who Stare at Goats” and Maple Production). 

  • Chris Elliott

    Brilliant piece dude. Very well written. I want to see this flick. Maybe I’ll catch it while it’s still in theaters. Holla.

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