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[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/08-Asleep.mp3|titles=08 Asleep]

Bullets ricochet and lay the best intentions to waste. It’s true, nothing breaks the heart like breaking anothers; and while that valved-vessel spiderwebs with hairline fractures the mind escapes what ensues. When the hurt becomes too much to endure all that’s left is to imagine a means of escape.

What is love, and how do you express it when it becomes too difficult to hold onto? This I’ve learned is a tall order for many people to even entertain. The Western world is so filled with quick fixes and distracting vices that it’s hard for us to deal with the dramatic. And though I’ve been guilty of upholding the pillars of such stupidity, I know in my heart that pain is oft times a better teacher than it is an enemy.

Self-inflicted violence though frustrating is ultimately manageable. If indecision and haste harm one’s self it’s a scar easily worn. However, carving a mark in a loved one is a mistake infinitely more trying to accept. It’s hard to paint yourself as a hero when you hurt the only person you ever hoped to save.

Heavy? Certainly, but I refuse to accept that such darkness has never eclipsed the mind of anyone other than I. Furthermore, it was a blessing to see the truth of such speculation portrayed via Emily Browning’s “Babydoll.” Having seen Sucker Punch three times now there remains no single element as memorable as Babydoll’s plight. The scene where she collapses into tears breaks through every defense I’ve worked so hard to erect.

For over a decade I’ve taken care of myself and every detail which works to prove such. From laundry to examinations, and grocery shopping to job-hunting I’ve done it all alone. Much of me is proud of this fact; that despite all that has collected against me I’ve never been overcome. Nevertheless, all I have are imaginary trophies for living a life void of the only accomplishment worthy of any accolades… love.

I fail to see how I am foolish for believing in something so beautiful. While other’s dream of lucky lotto tickets and a sweat-less brow, my mind drifts to other dimensions. There is another world, a better world, one I escape to every time I write this blog. I continue to dream… not because there is a hope they’ll come true, but because I’m honest enough to say these simple thoughts still make me happy. It’s terrifying to say such; it’s crippling to share this with people I may never meet. Nonetheless, I share with you all in the hope that those that dream as I do may see the strength only love can afford.

This is the love blog… may I never forget the blessing it has been to not only write it, but to have experienced it as well.


  • Chris Elliott

    Awesome post man. Very well done. This is definitely one of your strongest. Glad you’ve returned sir.

  • Chris Elliott

    Awesome post man. Very well done. This is definitely one of your strongest. Glad you’ve returned sir.

    • Anonymous

      Thx fam, it’s good to be back. I am surprised however at the reception of this piece… I didn’t think it was a strong as people have found it to be. I am happy to be proven wrong :)

  • Alessandra Colella

    Wow Jonny, this love blog has a different air that has me wanting to break into applause …”all I have are imaginary trophies for living a life void of the only accomplishment worthy of any accolades… love” ….so many lines caught me in this one and this has to be the strongest.

    The song is moving and fits perfectly with the feelings you have expressed. I too have always dreamed of a world beyond the one-dimensional view — sometimes I find myself living it…and sometimes I find myself being disappointed, because somehow within every dream…reality creeps in. Bravo.

    • Anonymous

      Awwww, Allesan thank you. I will admit that since the first love blog, this one came out instantly once I put my fingers on the keyboard. Though I love every single blog in this series so far, I do agree that this one has a different air.

  • Versis

    Great post! Love the addition of the ambient music. Very insightful!

    • Anonymous

      Much appreciated man. I’m always proud of every addition to this series. 12 Chapters in and I still keep find a way to return to a topic that’s timeless.

  • Jonathanleebrock

    Beautiful peice bro.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks buddy… can’t wait to write the sequel (Sweet Pea). I hope it lived up to the hype, you are the only person that saw the rough notes ;)

  • Anonymous

    Great piece bro although I see it loosely based on your reality. The beauty of a great writer is to reach inside, even if those emotions aren’t quite as constructed as those you really feel, and put them to ink. I think this is your talent in multitude.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks… this one I needed to get out. Like I was saying to someone earlier, it hasn’t been since the first Love Blog that a piece came out as quickly. That said, I went through a considerable amount of turmoil before I was even able to approach the keyboard. Happy I did.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=675455699 Luthie Lampa

    You write beautifully, Jon. Thank you for introducing me:)

    • Anonymous

      Awww Luthie :) Anything for you, after all you take care of me 5 days a week. The only woman who appreciates how picky I am with my coffee. Glad you have enjoyed reading.

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