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Attack the Block

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/KRS-One-Sound-Of-Da-Police.mp3|titles=KRS One - Sound Of Da Police]

This weekend was lacking in guaranteed Grade-A releases, so I went to an expert for advice. Richard Crouse is one of Toronto’s most widely recognized and trusted critics. He has been an integral player in Hollywood North for the last two decades. He hosted the countries longest running film review show, and continues on with the craft as Metro’s chief cinema consultant.

On Thursday I asked Richard which movie I should see out of a variety of selections, he didn’t hesitate to validate Attack the Block as the brightest of the bunch. I’d heard of the film several months ago when it became to talk of SXSW. Quickly after its success at the festival it was picked up by Sony and brought to big city screens across North America. With no advertising whatsoever the film has been passed around Toronto via word-of-mouth for weeks now, and I have to formally thank Mr. Crouse for sending it my way.

Make your own: http://weepaperpeople.blogspot.com/2011/04/attack-block.html

First, let me begin by adding it to the nominee list for Best Film of 2011. This Golden Baby nod was earned via Joe Cornish’s brilliant directorial debut; John Boyega’s Riddick-esque portrayal of the film’s lead; the aliens which appeared like an ode to Critters; Nick Frost’s hilarious supporting role; Basement Jaxx’ electric score; and the cornucopia of current slang. Its positive points burned bright despite the lack of a big name, budget, or advertising campaign. This is a film for fans of the art; something special that will grow as a cult for years to come.

However, the most impressionable part about the whole experience was the movies’ unintentional relationship with the youth riots of London. The film is set in Lambeth, a small district in the South of London the troubled teens refer to as “The Ends.” This impoverished borough is riddled with drugs, guns, and a lack of outside interest. Yet, those who live there guard it against all by any means necessary. They don’t have much, but they do have each other, and together they have the pride and power capable of conquering their attackers.

In reading The Globe & Mail yesterday I was reminded that these fictitious youth are nothing more than an anticipated adaptation of a current reality. Like many metropolises London is filled with impoverished natives and immigrants. Kids of all colors and creeds fill the streets; children who have suffered through the turmoil of puberty amidst a multi-year economic slump.

Those in power have grown grey hairs and green pockets. Being the first of the fast-food generation they’ve been living in this easy-fix economy the longest. For nearly sixties years simple stitches and iron on patches have been used to mend the money woes across the globe. In 2008 these decades old decorations were revealed as the false promises they have always been. And we wonder why children riot. It’s not the Blackberries causing this problem, it’s the inability of the old regime to raise the next one.

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Richie-Spice-Youths-Dem-Cold1.mp3|titles=Richie Spice - Youths Dem Cold]

Politics care of my life at the movies.






  • Chris Elliott

    GREAT review dude! Really liked your focus on this one. Although I do enjoy your classic tied-into-your-life approach to telling the tale of notable films, this one was extremely concise and very refreshing to read. It doesn’t seem like a movie I would enjoy, but as you know, I trust your opinion. That said, I will always take your word for something truly remarkable and view it. Again, nice job slime! 

    • Anonymous

      Of anyone this is your type of film… it’s a hood movie! This is New Jack City meets Chronicles of Riddick!

  • Christi Campbell

    I have never heard of this movie before!  I hate when people blame video games and rap for today’s youths problems.  Sounds like it really reflects what could happen.  Well said.  I would watch it anyways just to hear their accents to tell you the truth.

    • Anonymous

      Well you’re going to love it for all of the above reasons. From the youthful politics to the hilarious accented slang it definitely has a lot to offer. Not to mention action, intrigue, and a great story ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Hancock/510667721 Ryan Hancock

    I heard Attack the Block was awesome, but I’m really excited to see Drive. A buddy of mine saw it at Comic Con and said it was fantastic.

    • Anonymous

      John saw Drive as well, and assured me it is Best Film of the year material. 

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