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Artist Spotlight – Philpmode

Last week I had the pleasure of touching base with Mike Philip aka Philpmode.  Mike is an up and coming DJ based out of Toronto Ontario, Mike has been spotted in various venues across the city but you can usually catch up with him at club 751 in the downtown core (fashion district). Mike has some awesome insight into the Canadian music scene and took a few min to answer some question…

Brian: When did you start producing music?

Philpmode: I pretty much started producing/dj’ing out of boredom. I broke my ankle and my wrist skateboarding the same week, I was out on my couch for about 4 months. I’ve always been really stoked on DJ’ing so I figured, why not? It’s just grown from there, more and more people started to have me DJ their parties and now I’m still DJ’ing cause I absolutely love it!

Brian: What are your major sources of inspiration and influence?

Philpmode: I would have to say, DJ wise, I get a ton of inspiration from Girl Talk and 2 Many DJ’s, they were the first people I heard that weren’t just playing one style of music when they do shows. I have a really eclectic taste is music, and they gave me the inspiration to put that into my DJ sets. Music wise though, I get just as stoked on a new electronic record as I would a Minor Threat record, good music is good music no matter how you categorize it.

Brian: If you could collaborate with any other musician in the world who would it be?

Philpmode: As far as contemporary artists are concerned, I would definitely want to work with Pharrell from the Neptunes. He’s always doing something new and fresh, every time I hear something by him, I’m always blown away at what he’s able to create. All time though, I think I would want to go back and work with The Clash and The Human League in one project, two of the best bands in their respective genres. Plus, who wouldn’t want to hang out with Joe Strummer?

Brian: What are you future aspirations in terms of your music career?

Philpmode: My future aspirations are really based on doing live shows, those are definitely the most fun. I just want to put together a couple records that people love and then just tour, tour, tour as a DJ. I can’t see making a living of record sales, nor do I really want to, I just want to DJ, make people dance and have a great time doing it.

Brian: Are you interested in working with any major record labels?

Philpmode:I think I would only work with a major label for distribution purposes. I would definitely want to work with a smaller label that would work with me more as an artist. I find I do my best work with people I can be friends with, and really have a personal relationship with. I think that would be missing at major label. But then again, if the deal was great and the people were great I’d be open to it, it all just depends on the situation I suppose.

Brian: Describe a typical day in the life of…

Philpmode: Hmmmm, right now it’s pretty mellow, I haven’t been do the ol’ 9 to 5 for awhile. I usually wake up, jump in the car, smoke a smoke, listen to some tunes and grab a coffee. Then, emails, blah, blah, and then just start workin on mixes. Depending on the show I’m doing next I’ll be working on that set. Then once the afternoon hits and the weather is nice, I hit the skatepark, and then depending on the day, go home, make some more music, go out for some frosties with the homies or go play a show!

Brian: How do you feel social media outlets like myspace and youtube and twitter have influence the music industry?

Philpmode:I think industry wise, it’s an entirely new distribution system that can really expose new artists to people who would never know about all this great music coming out. I think it’s a great way for artists to bypass the traditional media outlets and get a following they would never have before. It’s also a great way for artists and fans to interact on a level that was never possible before, actually interacting with an artist you’re interested in gives their work an entirely new meaning when you can get a sense of who that person is, as opposed to a vague idea of who that artist is.

Brian:Could you briefly describe you music creation process?

Philpmode:My creative process is really based on just listening to music and formulating an idea of what works together. I also listen to alot of other DJ’s and get a sense of what’s going on outside of my realm as a DJ. From there, I try to put my own spin on music I hear them play and turn it into something people would really enjoy. So there’s that part of my creative process coupled with a ton of trial and error, and that always creates something I probably would have never thought of by just listening.

Brian:What are your favourite venues to play in the toronto area?

Philpmode:My favorite place to play at the moment is the basement at 751. Real sweaty, real intimate, I love being right next to the crowd and getting the vibe from them, which always translates into a better show because as much as the crowd is feeding off the energy I’m putting out there, I get just as much energy from the crowd. I’ve always loved going to shows at smaller venues, it just makes it that much more personal, whether it be a DJ or a band, that ability to make a connection is the best.

Brian:What hurdles and challenges have you overcome with your music career thus far?

Philpmode:I suppose my biggest hurdle so far would be just getting my name out there, promoting my self as a DJ. I want people to know it’s Philpmode making them dance as opposed to just “that DJ at that bar”.

Brian:How can fans get in touch with you? or see you in a show?

Philpmode: I love getting in touch with people, talking about music and getting people really excited about music. The easiest place to find me is just by searching for Philpmode on Facebook.
You can also find me on twitter, www.twitter.com/Philpmode and on Soundcloud, www.soundcloud.com/philpmode

From those outlets, you can find out about all my upcoming shows, new remixes and mixtapes and rants about music, and if you feel so inclined,
shoot me an email! philper@gmail.com!

Mike was nice enough to send me some tracks from his latest mix you can check them out below…

44 Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) – Philpmode
44 Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) – Philpmode

The Beatles – Get Back – Philpmode
01 The Beatles – Get Back – Philpmode

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You – Philpmode
Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You – Philpmode

Here’s a link to the full mix if you’re interested – http://www.mediafire.com/?ojnegi2zind

Philpmode Fanpage


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