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MLB Baseball: American League Predictions

Baseball has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.   Where I grew up most guys were shooting hoops or lacing up their skates;  I on the other hand preferred summers at The Sandlot.  My love for the game (and the San Francisco Giants) has recently led me to purchasing Rogers’ Sports Pack.  However, sometimes television isn’t enough.
This year I will be predicting both the American and National League winners.  This will include all division champs as well as wild-cards.  If you don’t agree with my picks then put your money where your mouth is by going head to head with me!
American League Predictions:
Winner:  Texas Rangers
You have to feel a little sorry for the Rangers.  They finally got to the World Series thanks to solid fielding, big hitting, and Cliff Lee.  Yet, they got dealt with by the ‘Boys from the Bay,’ and promptly lost the best pitcher in baseball.  That said, their batting line-up has gotten even better with the acquisition of Adrian Beltre.  With a bolstered line-up, a still-solid pitching staff and a division which boasts the sexy-yet-choke-prone Angels, Texas will once again be playoff bound.

AL Central

Winner: Chicago White Sox
Last year the Twins had one of the best seasons a team could ever hope to have.  This was due to the fact they had two of baseball’s most dynamic players: Namely,  Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau.  Issues arose when the latter suffered a very serious concussion, (so much so it has kept him out of action for over 8-months).  Considering this question mark injury the White Sox are now in an ideal position to capture their division.  Boasting big name players (i.e. Pierre, Rios, Konerko and Dunn), if the Sox can get solid pitching from Buehrle & Co. they’re due to upset.
AL East
Winner:  Boston Red Sox
The toughest division in baseball… just got tougher.  Why?  The Red Sox just landed themselves two of the sports best hired-hitters.  Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford have made this batting line-up the most feared in baseball.  With the Yankees taking steps back this off-season the only thing left that could hold them back is their much maligned pitching staff.  But when you play 81 games at Fenway, pitching isn’t a concern.
AL Wildcard
Winner:  Toronto Blue Jays (*Upset Special)
Call me crazy but this Jays team looks to be the most complete since their mid-90’s brethren took the title.  Sure, they lost Wells, Overbay and a host of others;  also, Jose Bautista will be hard pressed to duplicate his miracle season while playing a new position.  But quietly Alex Anthopoulos has put together a line-up that’s amazingly balanced:  a healthy mix of speed (Davis); power (Bautista/Rivera); players with something to prove (Lind/Hill); and one of the best young pitching staffs in the majors. The Jays look poised to knock the Yankees out of the Wild Card spot!
Up next:  The Mighty National League!


  • Anonymous

    I am not a fan of baseball for the most part. Nevertheless, those I care about love the sport, and I do have an affinity for collecting their hats, (especially the Braves). That said I am excited for this upcoming season, and do hope the Jays do something positive.

    • Anonymous

      Baseball is America’s pastime and is something I really miss playing (with this bum knee). It’s a chess match and takes time to play out and thats why some don’t enjoy it like they do Hockey or Basketball (quicker games).
      Personally it reminds me of fresh cut grass, the warm sun and youth!
      Can’t wait! Gotta watch The Sandlot in preperation!

      • Anonymous

        We could definitely watch the Sandlot in prep. I’ll be cheering for the Braves this year (cause I plan on buying a 3rd hat). I’ll also be respecting the Jays as they mean everything to Yellow.

      • Anonymous

        Man EFF the Braves! My boys dealt with those fools last year! BAHAHAHAHA!

  • LinnyDogg

    Look out for Trumbo, Hosmer, Snider and Killer Kila this year JG
    Good pickings – it’s all about my gurl Alex Rios stepping up for the Sox.

    You crazy on your Jays pick, but I like the team too…don’t sleep on the Orioles under Buck!!

    • Anonymous

      I know! But this team has a few of those recent intangibles that winners have had. The young pitching staff for the Jays is really really good. Between Romero, Morrow and Cecil those are the makings of all-stars if they work hard and get a decent run support.

      Davis will really help them with speed. The Jays have been brutal on the base paths (for the most part) and he will be able to stretch someones double into a run scored this year!

      The Sox are going to shock some folks, their pitching is average but if they get a good effort out of them I think the Twinkee’s will suffer!

      thanks for reading!

  • Chris Elliott

    Glad to see you back Johnny. I’m actually really psyched for the season opener. I think I’ll be going this year. I got a little bit into it last year. Who knows, it may be time for my triumphant return to my long lost love of baseball.

    • Anonymous

      Like I said, just me and you, were going to a game this year and the whole time were drinking beer and talking about this wonderful pasttime we call BASEBALL!

  • Sharlene Gerontozos

    The Red Sox pic is the best! LOL! I’ll be bringing that same attitude to any and all opposing teams the Jays face this season. Do I think it’ll be enough to help carry the Jays to a wild card spot? Not sure about that one… but appreciate the guts it took for JG to put it in writing! Way to go ballz out!

    • Anonymous

      Balz out, hehehe.
      I plan on heading to more Jays games this year. Not playing has sucked and I need to fill that with some live-ball! Hopefully they’ll be good!

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