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African Cats

I begin this holiday MLatM with a poignant preface. This past Friday was the only Good Friday/Earth Day most of us will ever experience. Since the 70’s Earth Day has become an annual event held every April 22nd. Sixteen hundred years prior the Council of Nicea declared Good Friday to fall following the Pascal Moon. For the first time ever these two holidays met, and they will not coincide again until 2095. Thus, a fallen God’s followers and the energy efficient will not reconcile for longer than I’ll live.

This fact struck me as more than interesting. I’ve been a consumer of culture for quite some time. Born a Mormon, curiously Catholic, and a member of an agnostic society I’ve been blessed to see the world from various perspectives. Having a holiday that could be enjoyed by both the secular and the sacred was a blessed affair for a fence-sitter like myself. I love religion; it is a passion that has consumed me for decades. I also live in a world where loving religion is viewed as an oddity. People either love one or none, but to love all and the atheist alternative as well is unheard of. Well, let me make it audible: I am such a complex soul. Furthermore, with this once in a lifetime holiday I got to celebrate this fact via my most cared for commodity… Movies.

On Friday I went to see Disney Nature’s annual Earth Day film. For the third year in a row Disney’s latest movie making company released a film about the natural beauties of our mother Earth. Produced by the minds that made Planet Earth, African Cats is an impressive story about a mother’s love and the sacrifices matriarch’s make.

Starring two feuding families of lions and a cheetah struggling with single motherhood, this film is one no cat lover should miss. Heart-wrenching, beautifully filmed, and immaculately scored African Cats has shot its way up into MLatM must buy status. I loved it, and I know many viewers feel I love every movie I see; I do, but the depths of such vary. Being nominated for a Golden Baby is an obvious sign such a film is more memorable than others. The film in discussion is up for two: Best Documentary & Best Original Score. To imagine the amount of film captured to tell this tale of warring cats is beyond my comprehension. To see their lives scored with such poetic brilliance helped to excite a wide-range of emotions. I laughed, I cried, and remembered the land where my complexities blossomed… Africa.

To Kali, Layla, Sita, and all the cats that roam those treasured plains I hope the donations made through our viewing help your legacies live. To the spirit that exists in their fight, in the passion of our annual planeteers, and the mythical God that laid his life down for the believing… happy holidays from me and my life at the movies.

~ A preview of Earth Day 2012 :)


  • http://twitter.com/g_gryffyn 그웬 (Gwen)

    I love cats! Big and small cats! This doc sounds amazing – I may not get the chance to see it for a while, but I’ll have to check out the score. Great blog, too – nice tie to all your interests, especially in the opening.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks! I’m glad that fact was enjoyed. I had an amazing Easter. The best I believe ever, as I can not currently remember any better. It started with this film. I have been talking about it for days. It really opened my eyes to the beauties of nature and lessons that can be learned by species older than ourselves. These cats in particular have such a rich cultural history. Having battled over the same lands for centuries you see these great grandsons and daughters as completely complex spirits. I love the lion. I never knew that though in full until I saw this film

      Can’t wait till Chimpanzee drops, hope everyone likes that trailer I included and plays it. Also, if you find a DL for this OST let me know. I am still waiting to buy Hanna, so I know it’ll be a few months until I can get my hands on a physical copy. I live in Toronto too… this kind of product should be more readily available! LOL.

      Anyways. Thanks Gwen… and HAPPY EASTER!!!

      • http://twitter.com/g_gryffyn 그웬 (Gwen)

        I just assumed the soundtrack was available! I’ve looked everywhere and there’s nothing legal or not yet. Disney must be planning something. And the more you say about the African Cats, the better it sounds! I wonder if it’s playing in my part of the world. Tangled came out over here about four months after the fact.

        So glad you had a good Easter! Mine was a solo-flight, but I got to see Cirque du Soleil (as I’ve mentioned a few times on twitter) and go to Seoul, so not too shabby all in all.

  • Anonymous

    Definetly going to check this as I check pretty much all of the Nature shows these days (the wife included)! As I’m a home-blu-ray guy for this stuff (as I don’t like to cry in public) I will let you know how it looks on the Sony!

    • Anonymous

      You’re going to love it. I was so happy this weekend to tell you and Shar-Shar about this and to see your excitement. Hopefully everyone can get together and see Chimpanzee next year. In the meantime we got Cowboy Bebop & Hoosiers coming up!

  • Chris Elliott

    Sorry it took me this long to read it, but I’m glad I finally did. I love those Disney nature films and I think it’s obvious that I will love this one as well. Inspiring story and a wonderful write-up to match.


    • Anonymous

      Hahahaha! No worries, I like when everything is organic. Read when you will… and if you enjoy, say exactly why. So happy you liked both the piece and the pre-requisite information about the film. I’ll be buying it on blu-ray so we’ll have to make a night of it at Johns!

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