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Action Bronson

It has been quite a while since I have truly identified with an underground rapper. Most of the hip-hop I listen to is birthed by the ever-powerful mainstream music machine. However, on this glorious, sunny, unseasonably warm November day, I have come across my new rap muse. He goes by the name of Action Bronson. This man is fat, unapologetic, serly, and can rap (and cook) his ass off.

Hailing from Flushing, Queens, New York City, the Albanian-Jewish emcee has been gradually rising in the ranks of east-coast hip hop for a few years. Like most newcomers, he has paid his dues and remained a student of the game and the iconic players before him. In Action’s case, many of his lessons came from long time Wu-Tang member Ghostface Killah. You can hear a clear mixture of Ghostface and the late Big Pun in his lyrical content and flow. That said, the similarities in no way override his ability to paint a completely different picture respectively. His lifestyle-driven method of lyrical delivery comes from a place of honesty, intelligence and most of all his love for fine cuisine!

Working for nearly a decade as a street-gourmet grill chef, Action has an obvious passion for all things food. His ability to intelligently and articulately discuss his love for upper-crust cuisine within the same bars as brash drug references is unparalleled to say the least. I have never heard lyrics as consistent and thought provoking as some of the material he serves up off of his appetizing new album “Well Done”. With the help of his go-to producer Static Selektah, Action has successfully re-captured and re-invented the sound of classic New York hip-hop.

Donning his beloved Carhartt work-wear, a bright pair of 90′s-baseball-outfielder-multicolored sunglasses and a don’t-come-to-me-with-some-bullshit attitude, this man is slowly accomplishing and securing his dreams of fame, fortune and Foie Gras.

The following songs will give you a taste of his best:

Not Enough Words

Action Bronson – Not Enough Words

Time For Some

Action Bronson – Time For Some (Feat. Lil’ Fame)

Love Letter ————Jon Godfrey, listen to this.

Action Bronson – Love Letter

Fuzzy green, call it Dunlop/Flow is Nun’s twat.





  • Anonymous

    It throws me off how much he sounds like Ghostdini… that said, he does have flow. I just don’t think he can get too far under the shadow of a famous sound. That said, Fab made it despite sounding like Mase. Also, listened to that track… JOKES!!! “I’ll kill you, but I love you… I just wanna kiss you one more time.” LOL.

    • Chris Elliott

      I hear ya on the Ghost tip. It is distracting at first, but at the end of the day, the man is creating classics in his own right, and in a completely original direction. Knew you’d dig Love Letter. You should check the videos if you get a chance as well. Brunch especially. He’s hilarious in it. 

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