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Brand Vision

Think of a place where anything is possible. A place where the wildest of dreams and most withdrawn of inhibitions are set free.

A thousand enchanted memories captured into one pivotal moment of utter nostalgia. An extraordinary state of mind that holds no boundaries or structure. A chance to be free. A Dreamland.

Our Mission

To maintain an unparalleled level of quality in our brand, which resonates through the designs, fabrics and patterns we choose for our  versatile garments.

Company History

Dreamland Apparel was founded in early 2006 with the intentions of being a multi-purpose, unisex clothing brand that was accepted and appreciated by many different demographics. The first designs were inspired by such influences as Hip-Hop music and Board Sports (snowboarding, skateboarding and wakeboarding).

The brand, although holding the same purpose and principals (Versatility and Quality), had a much different look and feel than it does today. Most T-shirt prints featured loud colors, in-your-face designs and trendy placement. Existing in an industry housing so many other brands with a similar positioning, Dreamland Apparel’s evolution into something different was natural and inevitable. With a strong appreciation of class, sophistication and tradition, Dreamland Apparel’s founders made a decision to completely change the face of the company accordingly.

Today the brand still represents versatility and quality, although, the garments are inspired by different things. Upon conception, an undeniable goal was set: to maintain a high level of quality throughout all products offered. The realization of that goal is what keeps Dreamland Apparel alive today.