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A Feast for Crows

I’m often an anxious mess. Though I meet many challenges head on there are still those that overwhelm me. Moments of escape are mandatory, and the ones in front of a good book are appreciated in the utmost. Since July of this year I’ve escaped in full; out-to-lunch in the world of Westeros. Yesterday I finished the fourth book in A Song of Ice and Fire; what ensues is my reaction to A Feast for Crows.

Wow! Sansa is now Alayne, the bastard daughter of Littlefinger, or rather the pretender to the title. Her sister Arya who’s had many names is now without one and working for the Faceless Man. Newcomer Arys Oakheart found love and died for it. His short lived lead role is one I will always remember, one I hope to learn from. On the opposite end of the spectrum are the Greyjoys. Krakens do not sow! Despite the death of their King, Balon’s brother’s live on in infamy. Aeron, the Drowned Priest, belted out cryptic prophecies that chilled the marrow. Victarion conquered the Shield Islands with the voracity only Vikings’ have known, and then there’s the Crow’s Eye. Euron Greyjoy fled years past to rape the world and pillage its people. Arriving home he steals the crown with a blast from his dragon’s horn and sails off in Silence a conquesting king.

Nymeria still roams the Riverlands, and Catelyn Stark stalks the same territory as Lady Stoneheart. She breathed the undying knight’s last breath and takes the same from anyone she feels betrayed her. Brienne ends up in her clutches, but there is no question that she does not deserve her wrath. Armed with Oathkeeper she has gone above and beyond looking for Sansa in Jaime’s name.

Samwell and Gilly saved Mance Rayder’s son… and the cost was heartbreaking. So was the death of Aemon Targaryen, the oldest man in Westeros was wise beyond words. The men of the north earned my respect, the women of the south my heart. Yes, the Sand Snakes and Arianne told a gripping tale. Learning who the Martell mistress was once betrothed to only worked to firm the hold. Other relationships also went awry; Tommen’s and Margaery’s for no fault of their own. No, that responsibility falls to Cersei Lannister. Her villainy was mesmerizing and her chapters the most memorable. The woman is insane, and entering her mind was intoxicating. Each book unveils an interesting piece of the past, and for this volume her youthful venture into the tent of Maggy the Frog was the most enlightening.

Then of course there’s Jaime. He’s kicking ass with his left-hand now and remains my favorite character. His final scene was the best part of the book. Seeing him burn that which he always wanted was cathartic in the extreme. Truth be told these books get better and better… I pray this series never ends.


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