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25 Cents In

The Dark Crystal, Nausicaa, and Matrix Reloaded are just a few poignant examples of good triumphing over evil; and visual reminders such as these have been integral to my journey thus far. 2011 has proved trying for the first quarter, but with every challenge comes greater insight. Thus, I bring to you another special edition of MLatM I’ve titled, “25 Cents In.”

The first quarter is a wrap. 25 cents into 2011 and it’s already been one of the most impressionable quarters of my life. When the year began I decided to not only continue on with this blogging experiment, but also to expand upon it. Interior additions like Blu Moon; My Life On Demand; and MLatMoments ensued. Furthermore, my movie going experiences became more experimental and frequent in the process. However, such expansive undertakings are only the beginning.

One of the most important aspects of this series is its year end awards, The Golden Babies. Last year concluded with my first online ceremony, but this year I decided to make the awards a more consistent aspect of my writing. Thus, the idea for “The Golden Road” developed as a result.

The Golden Road: I first leaked the concept via an important picture in my Adjustment Bureau piece. Basically the Golden Road has a two-fold purpose. First, to relay to my audience the Golden Babies nominees I find along the way. Second, to expand upon my film focused awards with more experiential accolades. Basically, I want to not only give awards to memorable cinematic achievements, but also to the experiences I have as a result. Thus, in December I will be doing a Golden Road pre-award show. Therein I will have awards for such categories as: Best Overall Theater Experience; Best Non-TIFF Festival; Best Blu Ray; Best TMN Evening; and an award chosen by the readers for the best MLatM piece of the year.

Until then I will be providing more Golden Road developments as they occur, for now I hope it provides a little excitement for returning readers; speaking of which I would like to personally thank all of you who read, like, share, and tweet these pieces. I can honestly say that it would be difficult to continue on without the support. After all, I do this for the love, and love alone. And since I am in the loving mood here are the 2011 Golden Babies nominees thus far:

Best Film: No Strings Attached; The Adjustment Bureau; and Sucker Punch

Best Supporting Actor: Anthony Mackie (Adjustment Bureau); Oscar Isaac (Sucker Punch)

Best Actress: Emily Browning (Sucker Punch)

Best Director: Zack Snyder (Sucker Punch)

Best Soundtrack: Sucker Punch

Though I may look back upon this first quarter and find more nominees in the future, I can say for now that these are solid finds I’m fond of supporting. These are the movies that got me through my dark days and returned me to my dreams. These are films that support my outlook that good can triumph over evil; and these are the moments that brought the best out of me and my life at the movies.


  • Chris Elliott

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…… Great piece. Love the direction. I think everything you said in this and how you said it was great. HOWEVER…. This Sucker Punch obsession. I don’t know man… Best actress? Granted, I haven’t seen it, so it really isn’t fair to say. I may eat my words, but for now, I’m going to respectively remain skeptical….as a mo’fucka.

    Side note. Do not confuse this as hate. I just don’t see what’s so damn good about this movie. It bombed in theatres…

    • Anonymous

      So what? You know I simply love what I love… and I definitely loved Sucker Punch. I don’t go see every movie in theater four times after all ;)

      And no I don’t consider it hate, I obviously know it’s just opinion.

  • @MRcromanic

    YOU NEED TO SEE THE MOVIE! The fact that everyone has been giving it bad reviews is just feedint the fire. I have seen it twice now and im not even into fantasy dragon la la land nerd world. This movie really surprises you. I went into it thinking it was going to be 2 hours of “girl power” garbage. but it actually surprised me with a legit story and insane visuals. And to add to it, there is an overdose of babes literally demolishing everything. Haven’t got a movie boner in awhile, but this movie definatly struck a chord in my good books

    • Anonymous

      Agreed! This is the movie to beat thus far. Critics be damned, box off numbers have never looked so wrong, because this is the movie that has me and everyone I know (that has seen it)… loving the theater again.

      3 blogs in with a fourth on the way, and five Golden Babies nominations. I ain’t playing around when it comes to Sucker Punch.

  • Anonymous

    We all got opinions, thats what I love about the blog-o-sphere. I loved Sucker Punch so much and agree that it deserves a ton of nods but Best Actress is not one of them in my books. Wait til HANNA drops in a few and we’ll eb talking best actress!

    • Anonymous

      I’ll be seeing Hanna on Friday. However, I stick by my guns that Emily Browning is up for and leading her category for the Golden Babies. I think she is absolutely brilliant.

      • Anonymous

        Your Golden babies will definetly be non comparable to the oscars this year! Not that thats a bad thing….Social netwok was picture of the year, no comparison.

      • Anonymous

        I think it was pleasantly unique last year. I had Chloe Moretz win Best Actress, Tron copped two awards, all in all there were 6 of the 10 awards given that weren’t even Oscar nominations. At the end of the day I just go with my gut on these Babies. First quarter nominations down, lots left to see and select from now.

  • http://twitter.com/g_gryffyn 그웬 (Gwen)

    Yeah, your awards will definitely be a unique selection this year. I forgot how obsessed you get when you really like something – it’s awesome. I have no picks this year as of yet, though Red Riding Hood is up there for best awesomely bad viewing. Love the behinds the scenes stuff – a glimpse into the brain of JG is always strange and interesting.

    • Anonymous

      Ya I get mad crazy when I really like something… trust we haven’t heard the last of Sucker Punch yet. Though I promise to keep each piece interesting, (and I believe I have with each new release). Thanks for saying that about Red Riding Hood, I heard that was good from someone else. It’ll be a Blu Moon pick now I’m thinking. As always, happy to hear you are reading…. and enjoying it. I have a new MLatM lined up for tomorrow night. It’s the last of the “Rewind to the 80′s” series, and it’s on Krull.

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