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2011 Lincoln MKX

Earlier this year I attended the Canadian International AutoShow. It was the first time I’d ever gone to a car expo, and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed. There were numerous high-end models to salivate over, and countless scantily clad women inspiring the same.

Like many of the people in attendance a casual walk through exhibits turned into a friendly debate regarding their merit. In no time at all Adam and I traversed with purpose to find the greatest booth in the building. Considering the diversity it was hard to agree on grounds, so we instead settled on “awe” as the key factor. Not too mechanically savvy of us, but we weren’t there to be gear-heads, we were there to be moved.

After over two-hours of shuffling through the Toronto Convention Center we found our prized manufacturer: Lincoln!

Anyone aware of my love for cars knows I have a soft spot for American products. There is something about their vulgar approach that brings balance to my stoic resolve. There is something about Lincoln MKX that takes those down-south balls and packages them in the desired beauty I prefer.

In the last few years Ford has taken it upon themselves to rebuild their brand. Their success in Europe along with their willingness to experiment has led them to new-found success. As the grand-father of the industry they have not allowed their age to define them. Instead they have let their wisdom lead them into the future.

There is no greater evidence of this ‘tomorrow initiative’ then the 2011 Lincoln MKX. Made right here in Oakville Ontario it’s nice to know that the slickest CUV on the road is a local find. It’s nice to know that the future is close to home.

*** A little something 2 play in your MyLincoln Touch ***

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  • Anonymous

    Love this vehicle and Linc’s in general! When buying a new car in the next year or two I think I’ll stay american with Gm/Ford products. That said these guys have an issue with pricing. For the cost of this vehicle there are a lot of other options.

    But I guess when you ballin’ it ain’t a thing!

    • Anonymous

      So happy to hear you’re going American. Ford/GMC though… don’t trust those Chrysler kids (shhhh…. Chris is listening).

      • Anonymous

        As humans we all have two things; opinions and assholes!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Wood/541180607 Adam Wood

    This past decade has shown who is going to “sink or swim” in the automotive world and Ford has stepped its game up with every vehicle the produce (GM should be taking notes). Lincoln’s amazing spread last year makes me want to do Detroit for 2011’s auto show … they have become such a presence and are commanding respect. The Japanese & Germans will never slow down (design, innovation, mechanics) and Ford has an entire nation on its shoulders. This vehicle is all around stunning. I think we may need to book a test drive just experience it first hand.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Like I said I love this car but for that cash I’ll go with the Acura MDX and actually save money. Japan will always be the front-runners in my eyes when it comes ot affordability versus quality.

      • Anonymous

        ewwwwwwwwwww… but the MDX is so uggggggggly!

        It is a good car, I just can’t stand looking at it.

  • Chris Elliott

    I hate this car, but I like the post. Lincoln has never impressed me with anything they have put out.

    • Anonymous

      Sniff… sniff… I smell hater! HAHAHAHAHA

      How can you not love a town-car at the minimum? My man!!!

    • Anonymous

      Do you like this car as much as Godfrey is a Jay-Z hater???????

      • Anonymous

        I said I smelled ‘hater’ not ‘sh*t’!!!

        Speaking of which I think this car runs on Ether.

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